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The Naming Of The Douche

THE INTERNET, CA - Since the dawn of the MGA, Sergio Garcia has reigned supreme as the king of all douche bags when it comes to professional golf. But as with most things in life, you either adapt or you die.

The current crop of golf douche bags makes Sergio and his antics look harmless and kinda silly by comparison. We can now look back at him spitting in the cup and laugh, thanks to DBs like the new Champ, Patrick Reed.


There are many reasons to dislike Reed, but his relentless cheating is what has led him to the top of the manure pile in our book.

While we doubt Reed will ever change his ways, he should never rest too easy on his laurels. Bryson DeChambeau is doing everything in his power to take this title away and he's one rules infraction from having a real shot at it.