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Mud Dogs win... er... Cajun guy wins the Fort Myers MGA

We're in the thick of major season, and the latest was taken by Lousiana's own Victor Benintende. Firing off an impressive (for us) 87, Benintende narrowly beat out Kevin "1990s Buffalo Bills" Olivo by one stroke to take home the prize. 

The day started off a little rainy as 24 Medios (25 registered, but one forgot his clubs when he got to the course) hacked their way around on a June morning in Southwest Florida. The narrow fairways, and water hazards on all but one hole set up perfectly for a day of lost balls and penalty strokes.

Benintende put together an impressive performance, though, and held off 2nd place finisher Olivo, who played consistently well all day. This ain't the Fort Myers MGA of the past, where breaking 100 meant you were probably taking home a giant check, so kudos to him for the strong finish.

Newcomer Mark Stewart picked up his second red key, meaning that once again tour vet Curtis Horton missed out on the last place honors. After running the table in 2018, he's now on an 0-fer-3 streak so far this year. Rookie Paul McLellan took home the meltdown award with an impressive 9-stroke differential. Brand new member (like just signed up before the tournament) Gabriel Quidera took home most mediocre. Yuri Rojas piped one to win the longest drive. And your chapter leader somehow pulled a shot out of his ass to put his ball closest to the pin. The ball came to rest nearly 25 feet from the hole on a very short par 4, and that was inexplicably enough to win the coveted money clip.

Many thanks to the fine folks at Spanish Wells Country Club for hosting our event. They were very gracious, and put out a lot of effort to make sure we had a good time. Next up is the FU Open on June 22, and we'll hopefully have another great turnout there.

Event Results

1.Victor Benintende87$1.35
2.Kevin olivo88$0.90
3.Yuri Rojas92$0.75
4.Mike Nowak93$0.60
4.Stephen Seagly93$0.60
4.Paul McLellan93$0.60
7.Gary Cousineau94$0.45
8.Sean Hart96$0.38
9.Chris Holland97$0.26
9.doug leitch97$0.26
11.Timothy Gunn99$0.15
12.Vincent Abbatiello101$0.07
12.Chris Dohrn101$0.07
12.Gabriel Quidera101$0.07
15.Chad Johnson102$0.04
16.Scott Burns104$0.02
17.Andrew Starnes105$0.00
18.Chris Hunt106$0.00
18.Joseph Laukaitis106$0.00
20.Stephan Starnes108$0.00
21.Jacob Hoskins121$0.00
22.Frank Rivera126$0.00
23.Curtis Horton136$0.00
24.Mark Stewart144$0.00