Chapter News

Mixon Flexes Baby Bi's at the Beach

Sun out guns out! Covid-19 Physiques were on full dispay at the Rebel Beah Am Am! Mixon and Kropp Muscle up in tense Putt off to start 2020.

What was supposed to be a complete wash out, Saturdays Am Am shaped up to be a great day(Weather wise) filled with no shortage of shanks, hozzle rockets and 3 putts. Social distancing was top of mind with 44 Am Am Championship hopefulls in pesuit of the 1st big check of the season taking to their individually occupied carts. Unlike normal tournaments, open mouth kissing and beer belly fondleing was heavily dscouraged throwing many off of their game.

Regardless of these stricter than usual guidelines, Andrew Mxon and Jusin Kropp could not be thrown off their game, both netting an impressive 82 at the top of the leader board. In true tie fashion, we took it to the pratice green to settle the score. By way of a flip the 1st to attack the 30+ foot closest to the hole challenge was Kropp. Like a page out of the book of Phil Mickelson, Kropp surgically disected the peaks, valleys, slopes and angles of the green prior to taking his stance above his freshly toweled off range ball. With laser focus and dertermination to capture the top spot, Kropp gripped his putter with such strength that can only be comparded to the likes of Herman Munster and managed to Hulk hands the shit out of his putt to within what I shot with a range finder to be 46 feet from the hole. Sooooo close!!

The door was competely left open for Mixon. With the exception of the days newest Medios(Due to the Covid regulations and all) everyone in attendance was pretty familiar with how soft Mixons hands are and all bets were placed. To the excitement of a select few, Mixon bent down behind his ball to get a read. It took little time to see the flaws in Kropps attempt and like a porn star in the 70's Mixon wiped the debris from the tip of is putter, took his stace with tool in hand and unleashed a money shot to within 2ft of the cup to capture the Rebel Beach AM AM title.

Mixon and Kropp arent the the only ones to have a good day, Eric Pike and Scott Erb who were paird togeher randomly walked away with the Partners hardware shooting an impressive 169 combined score. Pike also placed 3rd in the overall  and Erb who played in his 1st MGA event placed a respectable 4th. Other awards of mention:

Most Mediocre - Jason Watson

Meltdown Award -Jim Goetz

Kinda Close - James Mann

Kinda Long - Myke Prier

Low Gross Award - Jason Haraputczyk(75)

Key to the Red Tee - Brian Fink

Event Results

1.Andrew Mixon82$1.12
2.Justin Kropp82$0.74
3.Eric Pike84$0.62
4.Scott Erb85$0.50
4.Lance Pownall85$0.50
4.Erik Vergara85$0.50
7.Skee Leonard86$0.37
8.Jordon Seidl88$0.22
8.Jeff Aschenbrenner88$0.22
8.Myke Prier88$0.22
8.Greg Madrid88$0.22
12.James Mann89$0.06
12.Jeremy Ramey89$0.06
14.Jim Goetz90$0.04
15.John Cole91$0.02
15.Tino Lopez91$0.02
17.Ross Gillispie92$0.00
17.Dan Wassem92$0.00
17.Kevin Hilton92$0.00
20.Matt Zimmerman93$0.00
21.Gary Davis94$0.00
21.Jason Watson94$0.00
21.Dustin Douglas94$0.00
21.Alex Schaer94$0.00
25.James “Close, But No Cigar” Cannon95$0.00
25.Drew Bohnert95$0.00
25.Brian Turchi95$0.00
25.Steven Boyett95$0.00
29.Joe Nieto97$0.00
30.Jeremy Holley 98$0.00
30.Eric Watson98$0.00
30.Ed Sekula98$0.00
33.daniel escamilla101$0.00
34.Michael Scala106$0.00
35.Jeremy Ishmael108$0.00
36.Scott Eichen110$0.00
37.Justin Ishmael111$0.00
38.Clinton Purdy116$0.00
39.Patrick Wasson121$0.00
40.Brian Fink138$0.00
43.Jason Haraputczyk DQ$0.00
43.Alex LopezDQ$0.00
43.Charles FryDNF$0.00