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Miller doubles down and repeats as FU Champion!

After the Freedom and Unity Open moving to the beautiful Colonial Golfer's Club, which is the only venue worthy of the patriotic BIG FU, Phil Sylak (98) and Jason Lee Miller Esq. find themselves separated by only .08 cents at the halfway mark thru the season. This firmly places them at 1st and 2nd in the Ohio Money List and Hottest Golfers ranking, as well as 4th and 6th on the Globel Money List. 

This comes after President 'Dammit' Miller fires a 91 to Repeat as FU Champion from Fostoria Country Club (87) last year! James Toler (99) slid into 3rd place and got CTP, with the Piqua boys, Ron and John (96's) only visiting and no prizes or 2nd place bids but good showing! Tim Evans (103) rocks the longest drive and puts himself into 3rd place on the Chapter Money List with a solid season so far. Matt Lenhart (121) got Most Mediocre, Tim Anderson (109) Biggest Meltdown and David Culver (1**) gets the RED Key for Stone Ridge. I will see you all on July 10th @ 10am, not our usual 9am! Get your range balls and be ready to go on this monster course for the 2nd Annual Findlay Bratish Open @ Stone Ridge Golf Club in B.G. as I whip ya'll asses again from 1 tee back for my 3rd win!!

Event Results

1.Jason Miller91$1.01
2.Philip Sylak98$0.68
3.James Toler99$0.56
4.Tim Evans103$0.51
5.Tim Anderson109$0.45
6.Alex McMonigal 115$0.39
7.Matthew Lenhart121$0.34
8.Ron Anderson122$0.28
9.Ron Culver123$0.23
10.Nate Anderson128$0.17
11.Dean Manges143$0.11
12.David Culver146$0.06

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