Chapter News

Mike DeSio becomes latest douchebag with 2nd win of the year.

Mike DeSio puts OC chapter on his back to retain the chapter cup over South OC at the 2019 Douchebag Invitational.

Shooting a barely qualifying round of 81, it didn’t matter that he had 2 penalty strokes as he wins by four overall and takes home $1.35. This win also leap frogged him into the chapter “money list” lead… but it probably won’t last as he gained an extra 4 penalty strokes. It’s going to be hard to overcome 6 strokes at the last tournament. Coming in 2nd, shooting an even better round of 80 but having 7 penalty strokes is Clint Davis from South OC who earns .90 cents. When asked if it was a legit 80, he hesitated, but eventually said yes… hmm. He does take home the Gross Award though. Coming out of nowhere in only his second tournament of the season, Carl Swanstrom shoots an 89, takes home 3rd place, pockets .75 cents, and skyrockets into 9th place on the “money list”.


There was a four way tie for 4th place with a score of 92, however Joe Duffy from South OC registered too late (douchebag move) and the MGA website is not sophisticated enough to add him after the fact. He also would have had the closest to the pin award. Therefore it becomes a three way tie between Kenny Carlson, Greg Valenzuela and David Duran (South OC). Surprisingly, none of them have penalty strokes and all earn .60 cents. Finally, another four way tie for 7th place (which completes the top 10) with a score of 93 is split between South OC medios Quan Ha, John Haynes, Troy Sabrowski and Joseph Mancinelli, who each deposit .34 cents.


Winning the Most Mediocre Award shooting a 57/56 was Ivan Hernandez. However, he wasn’t able to accept the award because he left early. Truly Mediocre.


The Long Drive award goes to South OC medio Tom Werling. He was one of the few to actually hit the fairway. Everyone else was probably looking for action at the Navy air field that runs along the hole.


Apparently everyone liked the back nine because South OC medio David Duran wins the Meltdown Award shooting only 4 strokes worse on the back. Is that even a meltdown to be proud of?


The Red Key was a battle between the two chapters with medios Rik Patel and Biz Rudolph fighting for the honor. Biz ended up with the winning score of 134, however upon further review, it was decided that since Biz already hits from the red tees every tournament, she is not eligible. Therefore, the award goes to Rik who thought he dodged a bullet after shooting 129.


The next tournament is The Last Gasp at Riverview Golf Course on October 19th. The chapter “money list” winner will be decided, which pretty much comes down to either Mike DeSio or Kenny Carlson. It’s anyone’s game. There is also a battle for the final spot in the top ten. Who will earn their way to play at Revere in Las Vegas? All will be revealed on the next episode of Orange County MGA. Tune in to find out.

Event Results

1.Michael DeSio83$1.35
2.Clint Davis87$0.90
3.Carl Swanstrom89$0.75
4.Kenny Carlson92$0.60
4.Greg Valenzuela92$0.60
4.David Duran92$0.60
7.Quan Ha93$0.34
7.John Haynes93$0.34
7.Troy Sabrowski93$0.34
7.Joseph Mancinelli93$0.34
11.Tom WERLING96$0.11
11.John Woscek96$0.11
13.Robert Salazar99$0.06
13.Jeff Cool99$0.06
15.Eric Frid100$0.03
15.Paul Zambrano 100$0.03
17.Kei Fujita102$0.00
18.Bobby Barcelona103$0.00
18.Steven Hernandez 103$0.00
20.Nick Dempsey112$0.00
21.Ivan Hernandez113$0.00
22.Will Orr117$0.00
23.Cengiz Tekin118$0.00
24.Rikin Patel129$0.00
25.Biz Rudolph134$0.00