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MGAWC23 Registration Will Open July 31

THE INTERNET, CA - The time has finally come to post our second article of the year! We'll keep this brief so you can get back to watching more swing tips on Instagram...

The registration for MGAWC23 will open on Monday, July 31st at 5 PM PST. The online store where you can purchase your golf and hotel package is not ready yet, but it will be sometime next week so you can preview the packages and pick the one that fits best for you (meaning the one your wife won't tear you a new one for).

For now, head on over to and check out the eligibility page. All MGA members are welcome to come to Vegas and play golf with us, but only the best of the kinda alright will be playing for The Belt.

Stay tuned for lots more info in the next few weeks!

El Presidente

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