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MGAWC19 By The Numbers

THE INTERNET, CA - We broke quite a few records at MGAWC19. I guess this shouldn't come as a surprise given the record field size, but it's still hard to imagine that some of these records will be reset anytime soon. Have a look...



Two hundred and eighty players did all they could to win The Belt this November. But one by one they chunked, shanked and duffed their way out of contention until only one man remained. Our Champion. Dan Butz.

Butz came from the Central Coast MGA and made the most of his second appearance at the World Championship. During his first visit in 2016, he shot a solid 99 / 95 to finish in 28th place with a total of 194. This year he shot a blistering 87 / 85 for a total of 172, which was good enough to win by a full 4 strokes over Austin’s “Straight” Willie Dills and San Francisco’s Scott Sanders.

The Champ has so far made the most of his month and half with The Belt, already visiting a few chapters to play some golf and rack up the appearance fees while he has the chance. Make sure you follow the official Champ Instagram HERE.



Hole In Two Challenge Winners

Deep Eddy Vodka and Simply Vegas Real Estate stepped up to sponsor the HI2 Challenge this year, allowing us to breathe a sigh of relief as we expected to be giving away quite a few Top Medio Memberships in this contest. After all, we had perfect weather both days and 340 players taking a shot at the challenge. Turns out we forgot who we were dealing with…

Congrats to OC’s Bobby Barcelona, Monterey’s Gerry Lomeli and Hobart’s Dale Potter! You are the MGA’s 0.8%-ers and will be enjoying a free Top Medio Membership in 2020.



Final score in the Medio Cup

Between 2011 and 2014, both SF and The World won The Cup twice in this Ryder Cup style event. After San Francisco dominated in 2015 and 2016, The World took The Cup back in 2017 with a 6-4 victory.

In 2018 and 2019, the two teams tied 5-5, meaning The World retained The Cup. Their most recent “win” now gives The World a slim 5-4 lead in total Cups won.



Drink tickets

How many each medio was able to scam from Tessa at the awards ceremony by returning to the stage three times and entering the following cheat code.

1. Real name, forward hat.

2. Fake name, backward hat.

3. Backward name, fake hat.



Players tied for 102nd

Once the LOIQ had whittled the field of qualified players down to 220, there were ten medios tied right in the middle of the pack. To pick the Most Mediocre Golfer In The World, we chose the one of those ten who had the smallest difference between their two rounds, thereby demonstrating consistent mediocrity throughout the event.

So after shooting 98 / 99 for a 197, the 2019 Most Mediocre Golfer In The World is Northern Colorado’s Ariel Figuracion.



Number of holes needed to fit everyone

It’s been well covered now that we had to add an additional course to fit all 340 medios who ended up coming to Vegas for the MGAWC. This led to the birth of the Born Hairy Tour Championship, which will be back again next year and ready to elevate another 16 medios to the big show the following year. You can read all about this year’s Born Hairy HERE.



Positions lost from round 1 to round 2

We are talking of course about our esteemed Biggest Meltdown winner. After shooting a respectable 93 in round 1, which put him in 44th place, North Dallas’ James Mann completely forgot how to golf on day two. He shot a 122, for a meltdown of 29 strokes and an epic crash landing down in 190th place in the final standings.

As usual though, the crowd was dead silent at the awards ceremony as they waited to hear the final meltdown number, before erupting in joyous applause at its reveal.


157 (RECORD)

Low Gross total

History was made this year as 2013 MGA World Champ Jason “Smitty” Smith went 78 / 79 for the first double DQ at the MGAWC!

Reno's Smith has been one of the best golfers in the MGA for years now, but he was pushed to his Gross Award this year by NOCO's Jonathan Furst, narrowly defeating him by a single stroke. We were happy to give Smitty his tiny little Gross Award and we can’t wait to watch him finish DFL on the Korn Ferry Tour next season... asshole.


532 (RECORD)

Chapters cup winning total

The Chapters Cup is a tough trophy to win. Your chapter not only needs to bring at least 3 members to even be eligible for it, but then they all need to actually make the bus and play well to give your chapter a chance. Obviously the more qualified players a Chapter can bring to Vegas, the better their odds of winning the Chapters Cup (which only takes the best three scores from your chapter).

This year history was made as San Francisco won yet another Chapters Cup -their seventh- in record fashion. With 4 of their 13 players finishing in the top 10, it wasn't even close as they set a new record low score of 532 on the way to an 11-shot victory over West Valley AZ.

Salt Lake City, one of only two chapters other than SF to have held the Chapters Cup, had another strong showing and finished in 3rd place, four shots behind West Valley.



Last place in the Chapters Cup

While not a record, this last place total is still notable as it completes a 3-peat for Pahrump MGA and maintains their perfect record. They have now finished last in the Chapters Cup standings in every MGAWC they have entered!




days until mgawc20

Revere is locked in and everything else is at least kinda close. MGAWC20 will be held November 13th & 14th. Mark your calendars with those dates and while you're there, put a big red X over February reminding you not to conceive a child during #F*CKFREEFEBRUARY.

Thank you all for being a part of the MGA and keeping things fun AF.

Have a great off-season and we'll see you next year!

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Not to mention the best last place finish ever.

Hahahaha Real name, fake hat! You're killing me El. Funniest shit I heard all year.

By the way , I'm on East coast time so it's after midnight and that comment is way funnier.

Backward name fake hat, whatever the fuck, I'm drunk.

I'd like to submit it for decade's funniest joke. Does anyone have Lorne Michaels' number?