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MGAWC - Some More Info (mostly for newbs)

THE INTERNET, CA – After receiving a tsunami of emails regarding the 2014 MGA World Championship, I’ve decided an article and a dedicated event info page might be a good idea since people genuinely seem to want to go to this thing.


The info page will be up by next week and there will be a link to it on the right sidebar of the website.


MGAWC VI will surely be our biggest and best World Championship yet. Last year Jason Smith from Reno won the belt in a playoff over San Francisco’s Todd Benoit (the greatest MGAer of all time and The Most Hated Man In the MGA). This marked the first time the belt had ever left the San Francisco chapter. San Francisco took some comfort in winning their third straight Chapter’s Cup, but nothing means quite as much as The Belt and the SFMGA will do everything in their power to bring the belt back home.


This year we have more chapters than ever (58) and a few of the new chapters are massive already. Dallas, South Orange County, New Brunswick and Oklahoma City all have over 30 active members, with OKC leading the charge at 50!!


So take a look at your calendar and put a big yellow X on November 14th and 15th, because that is when the two-round MGA World Championship is going down in Vegas. If you’ve played in at least three MGA events this year, you’re eligible!


Much more info to come soon, including the packages that are available and their prices. We arrange the golf and hotel rooms and we’ll offer everything from 5-nights/4-rounds to 2-nights/2-rounds. The packages also include transport to and from the course, some food and other cool shit. So all you need to worry about is booking your flights and then coming up with believable stories to tell your wife when you get home.


If somehow you haven’t seen the “Sport World and golf” videos from the last two MGAWC’s, you should check ‘em out below.

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I am WIDE awake at 4:15 a.m. ready to Register. LETS GET IT STARTED......LMAO.

Hey if we're doing 14-16 package should we book the early am incoming flight, in other words when does the LOIQ start?