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MGAWC Registration Numbers Suspiciously High; 3/4 Scale Investigation Launched

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Citing general disbelief that 50 individual MGA members would have been able to sort out the MGAWC registration process this quickly, El Presidente Jon "Lucky Kick" Morley called for a full three-quarters scale investigation today. The investigation will look into some of the registration process and will individually examine quite a few of the registrations received to verify their authenticity.


"I suspect at the end of this investigation we will likely find that the Columbus MGA is behind all of this," Morley said to nobody in particular. "The sophisticated hacking abilities they have demonstrated on their chapter page show me they are more than capable of infultrating other medios accounts and secretly registering them for the MGAWC."


Morley went on to say that in spite of the security concerns, MGAWC registration will remain open HERE and that he's looking forward to hanging out with everyone in Vegas; whether it's 140 medios from around the world or a just few dudes from Columbus, Ohio. 


(See the picture bigger on the MGAWC Facebook Page)


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