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MGA Winner NOT Arrested On Way to Course!

Hello Friends,


Rain…the true enemy of the mediocre golfer.  It comes and washes away all of the smiles and joy that come with a day out on the course.  Last year at Crooked Creek, a promising day of golf was assaulted by Thor.  His terrible lightning and torrential gusts blew through our tournament and left us all soaked, unsettled and hoping to never feel his hammer’s mighty roar.  

This year, offerings were made and what looked like another visit from the blonde god early on turned into a glorious spring day of golf.  We even got a visit from Snappy the Turtle who took in some sunshine while we mercilessly added hundreds of gashes to his beloved habitat.  

We had more guests this time who added smiles and good times to their respective groups.  Phillip swung away and beat out everyone for the red key and biggest meltdown.  New dad Zak crushed a drive that just edged out Darryl for Kinda Long.  Joey, another young dad, golfed his way to the most mediocre day of the field.  Tommy somehow managed to get Kinda Close from 30 feet away!  

But this Sunday belonged to a young man who has been wanting to win a major tournament in the biggest of ways.  He has logged in the requisite hours on the range over the past few months to improve his skills.  Clad in his usual Callaway hat, he persevered after a few shaky holes almost derailed him.   And while he is not the tallest or the strongest, he came out on top.  All of this happened in dramatic fashion as a strong final hole allowed him to escape with a one stroke win.  Xander Schauffele, congratulations!  You are the PGA Champ!  


Oh and I won the MGA…fuck yeah!


Yours Truly,

Tommy Seijo

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Props to Tommy for what was an apparently productive zoom call with the weather gods!!