Chapter News

MGA Regional Event.......local authorities have already been notified.

Get ready for the MGA to hit the road for our first ever Midwest Regional event.    

On August 19, 12 chapters from six states covering everything between Chicago and Pittsburg will converge to play some mediocre golf but then celebrate it with a world class evening of entertainment in the 'Kinda Alright' party city of Toledo!    This is going to be a great way to meet a 100 awesome Medios from the midwest and will give you just a tantalizing taste of what the MGAWC in Vegas is all about.  (November 10-11)

We will tee off at 1:00 pm with at Eagles Landing Golf Club with lots of wind and water to scare some bad golf out of each of us.    At the end of the round we will head to downtown Toledo and the Hensville entertainment district, next to the Mud Hens stadium, to relive the glory over drinks and a celebration dinner.     We will all be staying at the Park Inn hotel which is walking (stumbling?) distance from the restaurants and bars.    If that is not enough, the hotel has a shuttle to the Casino to make sure you come home with no money.  


We have put together packages that include golf, dinner, and hotel with all taxes and tips included so you can lose all your money on side bets and the casino and still have food and a bed.   Here is the pricing.    Sign up on your chapter web page then paypal the money to your Chapter Leader.


Single room (King Bed)/ golf /food $185

Double room (queen beds)/golf/food $130 per player

Triple room/golf/food $110 per player

Quad room/golf/food $100 per player

Golf/food $70 (prices include all tips and taxes)