Chapter News

The MGA Monterey

The champ is Back!  Two Tournaments in a Row Benzo has taken the trophy.  Is anybody going to challange his somewhat superiority? I say that in jest, I have to give it up to the Man he is palying some really OK golf! Benzo tied on the first event and won the Second... Now playing from the back tees he wins again.

Let's face it this game is a love hate relationship, as we all can attest especialy for Alex who had it all but wrapped up, if he didn't 4 putt the 18th... So close Alex! So I ask is there anyone out there that can take this man down? 



In other news we had Two new members Play in their first tournament.  Welcome Travis Goldman, and Albert Saldana to the Mediocrty of the Monterey MGA!  We are all happy to have you with us.

Travis "Travesio" Goldman won the long drive!

Alex "Flock of Segulls" Duddy won Closest to the pin!



We had so many good moments of this Tournament.  Can't wait till next Month.  The group of guys is Solid I really think everyone we have is really making my first year as Chapter Leader really enjoyable.  Thanks to everyone who is making this a great year.  Those who haven't made it out let's reach out and encourage them to get out there. 

Event Results

1.Benzo Rebiskie92$0.76
2.Alex Duddy93$0.51
3.Cord Nunez94$0.42
4.Gene Brown96$0.38
5.Gerry Lomeli98$0.34
6.Hunter Landers104$0.30
7.Albert Saldana107$0.25
8.Travis Goldman108$0.21
9.ryan baird133$0.17