Chapter News

"The MGA" competition doesn't disappoint @ Hidden Creek

Alex "The WOP" McMonigal and John "Red Key" Brubeck decided to show up at this event after some amazingly MEDIOCRE scores at their first event. These sandbagging jerk offs decided to best their last scores by 32 and 31 strokes respectively...I guess not having to play with yours truly allowed them to settle in and show the rest of us how to hold a shaft and play with their balls...

"The WOP" McMonigal came in with the last group and posted the winning score of 93, only 4 strokes behind our Gross Award winner at 89 plus 13 penanlty(102), Shawn "Korn Ferry" Coppes has earned that 2 events in a row now. Ol' "Red Key" Brubeck didn't need the ladies tees to smoke the Longest Drive past Coppes, I personally watched his ball sail 100 yards past on a ridiculous blast from the front tee box and saving the jackpot for another day after Shawn's Meagle. "Red Key" also recieved Closest to the Pin on 18 because he was only 135 out compared to the White tees playing 180 and "Menace" Miller hitting it from 240 a la Black tees...

Other awards were Ron Anderson with the Meltdown award 50-62, Most Mediocre went to Tim Evans for being as average as possible and Matt Lenhart earned his 2nd Red Key award of the year playing with his 1970 McGregor Irons. Very classy by the way Matt...He will play from front tees at The F.U. Open @ Fostoria CC.

So after pissing down my leg on "The Bastards" winner by forgetting to give James Toler his penalty strokes, then having Tim Anderson HAND me the win in our Putt off. I ate my Karma twice from Shawn Murphy's Blue tees @ Sycamore, I played almost 600 yards longer at this event then anyone else and still tied Murphy with our 98' suck it Vice President!

Don't forget everyone "The F.U. Open" @ Fostoria CC on June 20th is not only on Fathers day so bring dad if you'd like, it's our Red, White and Blue pre Independance Day event ! So deck out in American flag, Stars and Stripes or whatever crazy freedom outfit you can come up with! 

CONGRATS WOP!! We all gunning for you now kid!!

Event Results

1.Alex McMonigal 93$1.35
2.Tim Anderson94$0.90
3.James Pingle96$0.75
4.Philip Sylak97$0.68
5.Jason Miller98$0.56
5.Shawn Murphy98$0.56
7.Kevin Fetters100$0.45
8.Shawn Coppes 102$0.38
9.Scott Wagner103$0.30
10.James Toler107$0.19
10.John Brubeck 107$0.19
12.Tim Evans108$0.08
13.Ron Anderson112$0.07
14.Michael Blunk120$0.05
15.Ron Culver126$0.04
16.Matthew Lenhart130$0.02