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The MGA Championship Results Hot Off The Press ( Not Really)

Pacific Grove Golf Course proves to be a challenge for all competitors.

The 2022 MGA " Fore Championship" tournament proved to be a challenge at Pacific Grove. Although the course was beautiful as was the scenery the weather and the wind played havoc on the back nine. Players struggled with their power fade in the monsoon winds that kicked up in the afternoon. There is a rumor that one of the lead players may have hit a vehicle that was parked alongside the 18th fairway. There's also been suggestion that that same player may have later pulled a shot on the same fairway into the clubhouse parking lot which should be noted is extremely far left of the golf course. ( This topic should not be spoken about any further due to the intense nature and the continuing investigation)

At no surprise to most of the field, Eleazar Resendez once again captured the red key with the highest score in the group. Also to no surprise, the younger Ronnie Pack received the gross award and was disqualified for his great round. If I had not played with him I would have had my questions on his score do to the extreme wind that we had to persevere.

The closest to the pin award went to Fred Molano and the longest drive went to none other than Rafe Ybarra. And again no surprise that the meltdown award went to our very own and famous Eleazar Resendez. The most mediocre award went to our long drive artist Rafe Ybarra. The big surprise of the day however was the fairly newcomer and not so young Rogelio Resendez, formally and legally known on the MGA circuit as Rogelio Rez. 

Everyone seem to have a great time even though the blowing winds were a challenge for everyone. I look forward to seeing everyone in Madera at the Douchebag Open. The AMC has spoken.