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The MGA Boston plays rain or shine. Plan accordingly.

This Write-Up Brought to You By: The MGABoston Chapter Reporter

The message read loud and clear in the run up to the first official event of 2019.  Until it didn’t.  The course was inundated after weeks of rain, the heaviest coming the night before the Am-Am.  The day of the event started extra early with a straw poll, as the course had closed multiple holes and was not allowing carts out on the course.  The result was a resounding “YES” and an astonishing 26 players embarked on the first ever MGA Boston event in which the players actually WALKED. 

As this was a stroke-play tournament event, the course was kind enough to allow us to re-play holes 1 and 2 in order to complete our 18.  The fun part is these are both Par 5s leaving you about as far from the clubhouse as physically possible, requiring the exhausted medios retrace their steps after an already brutal slog through the mud.  But Boston medios are tough, and I’m pretty sure almost everyone made it back in, I think.

The course did not treat the handful of newcomers kindly, as the top 10 was chalk-full of the Boston chapter’s biggest names (Boland, Ferraro, Berk etc.), leaving the newbies to squabble over a couple pennies and the red key.  In his 5th season, Dan Morse picked up his first ever victory.  With other medios struggling without their standard crutch of motorized carts, Morse was finally able to capitalize on his superior fitness to maintain steady mediocre play in shooting 91.  His Am-Am teammate, Michael Halbach, finished 2nd overall, ensuring a dominating victory in the team event. As a stroke of justice, the duo were the only teammates to dress as such (which is strongly encouraged in the MGA bylaws).  Perhaps people will take notice and rekindle the trend of team uniforms next season?


Event Results

1.Daniel Morse91$1.12
2.Michael Halbach92$0.74
3.Andrew Gordon93$0.62
4.Terry Boland96$0.53
4.Vin Ferraro96$0.53
6.Nat Gordon99$0.40
6.Mike Berk99$0.40
8.Ryan Park100$0.31
9.Jonathan Scully103$0.22
9.Jeff Gallino103$0.22
11.William T. Gergits104$0.09
11.Colin Quigley104$0.09
13.Christos Christopoulos 105$0.05
13.Shaoyu Xue105$0.05
15.Alvaro Perez106$0.02
15.Padraic Lacey106$0.02
15.austin smith106$0.02
15.George Hunt106$0.02
19.Bobby Sprouts110$0.00
19.Christopher Higgins110$0.00
21.Jake Stowell115$0.00
22.Luis Nunez116$0.00
22.Brendon Lynch116$0.00
24.Mark Moriarty117$0.00
25.Matt McDonough120$0.00
26.Eric Haney129$0.00
26.Derek Peabody129$0.00