Chapter News

The MGA 2020

Third event in the books! No 'Rona is gonna stop this chapter from enjoying the golf course. Started this event with 5 new members joining in on the escapades. All new members being friends with the current champ of the red key who out of shame, presumably, did not make it to earn the red key a third time. That honor went to Pop himself who is now expected to use that key at the next event with pride while teeing off at the ladies box. Once winners, David and Bret, became big losers to Jake C at this event. Jake walked away with his big check and the mack daddy goldish chain. With 21 medios you would assume the most mediocre could go to anyone, but old Papa Frank came in for the steal completing the first Taylor MGA "hat-trick". 

Event Results

1.Jake Cochran91$1.35
2.John Miller93$0.83
2.Tim Debrocke93$0.83
4.Bret Culpepper97$0.64
6.Will Rivera99$0.49
8.Keil Strommen100$0.38
9.Cliff Schweigert101$0.30
10.Russell Ward103$0.19
10.Frank Rivera103$0.19
12.David Ontiveros104$0.08
13.Sean McKenna106$0.07
14.Anita Riden107$0.05
15.Dusty Hennis108$0.04
16.Kristalynn Hetrick117$0.02
17.Shannon Rivera118$0.00
17.Will Popovich118$0.00
19.Casey Lusk120$0.00
20.Kelsie Strommen127$0.00
21.Allison Ward138$0.00