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Mountain Brook Golf Club Delivers! What a tournament! It had highs, some lows, and even a few summer snowmen! Not sure how that works in AZ, I mean they should melt but they done! Speaking of Heat!  Lucky for us wo only had to golf with a high of 93! AZ Golf at its Best!!!  A big thanks to Atticus Mechanical, The MGA tournaments sponsor. Appreciate you guys and the support you given our chapter. Cheers!! Congrats to Mike Masek. Mr. Two Time Tournament Winner! Will there be a third win in a row??? Not if I can help it. Great job everyone! You did the MGA and our Chapter Proud out there! 


Three Putt King

Event Results

1.Michael Masek88$0.59
2.Nathan Van Cleve97$0.39
3.Lance Fisher99$0.31
3.Shane Christy99$0.31
5.David Axelrod101$0.26
6.James Boyle102$0.23
7.Matt Bush116$0.20

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I will redeem my worst round in 20 years!! I'm coming for that top spot #worsttofirst