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Fireball and Lattes Fueled Caf to his First...
Some days are good, some days are bad, other days, "The Famous" Nick Cafreilli is making you call him Daddy! Our winner for this months championship event by a whopping 2 strokes to bump him up 3rd on the Money list with $1.35. Taking home the amazing .94 check! We had a 3 way tie for 2nd with 98 strokes in, 2 players posting handicapped scores. Most mediocre award was given to Ben Conroy, back 9 treated him as well as the strippers the night before. Longest drive by inches off the fairway was 1st timer Mike Richmond! CTP (both players bogey or worse) were taken by Nate Comstock and Tony "Seanson" Arnone luckily they got to take home $50 each! The person with a face only a mother could love Curtis "Woods" Kummerehl practiced all week and still posted a questionable 111 with no max scores on any hole played. Fortunately his Father (also a 1st timer) placed 2nd showing his Son, how its done! Key to the Red Tee was awarded (once again) to Derek, although he missed the first hole, he still held down the bottom of the pack! Thank you everyone for showing up! Cant wait for next months event! Next event is posted! Please sign up as soon as possible, you dont want to miss the F.U. Open! Moffett Field, get your practice rounds in now!

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