Chapter News

A meltdown for the ages

Dateline May 17th, 2015

A group of 13 Chicago medios made their way to a familiar track in the Highland Park Country Club.  This short track demands accuracy off of the tees if a player seeks contention.  Mid May can be a crapshoot in terms of weather and showing up to the course it was no different.  Weathermen were all but guaranteeing showers in the afternoon, so with the majority of the group on hand we teed off early (sorry to Jett and Leo, who had to scramble to catch up to us) as the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.  Plus the Blackhawks were playing later that evening, so it all made sense.

The day began with some clouds and some misting, and with Brent Trebels shooting lights out on the front finishing w/ a 40 on the front 9.  This sort of effort begs the question, how does Brent not have to give any strokes? 

Also on the front Chris Cutshaw started off choppy with an uncharacteristic 47 but after finding some inspirado via some Tinder swipes was able to settle in with a very nice 38 on the back.  This scoring, unbeknownst to Brent playing in the final group, would put serious pressure for the Fore trophy.  Brent did just about everything in his power to flush away a victory on the back, pushing putts and over-chipping the green.  But like the delirious marathoner slowly stumbling to the finish line, Brent was still far enough ahead to hold onto the lead.  In what I believe to be a first, Brent was able to secure both the overall trophy AND the meltdown award, shooting a differential of 8 strokes.

Cutshaw was able to hit a bomb into the wind for the longest drive on 18. Harvey was able to knock his ball about 1.5-2 paces closer than the overall winner, Brent, for the closest to the pin.  However those were the only two balls that landed on the green.