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MedioCast 41: Chapter Leaders Unite



This may be the most controversial MedioCast of all time. We finally have a special guest and Jon and Willie explore the ins and outs of being the glue of the MGA. The Chapter leader is not a title that many men can claim. So many doctors, so many lawyers. But so few have been....MGA Chapter leaders. The ranks of Chapter Leader include some of the kinda smartest, kinda funniest and kinda coolest guys in the world. And Kiki.



Some of this episode might be inside baseball but all of it is outside golf. Mediocre golf at that. And also, it's important that you sign up early, pre-pay and never ever ever no-show. WE hate when you no-show.

Support you local chapter leader by hugging them and high-fiving them and also pre-paying and never ever ever no-showing.

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Is Morley calling from the median area of I-280?