Chapter News


Get your mind out of the gutter!

NOCOMGA crowned its Bastards Champion on Saturday.  First-time winner, "HOEKER, JAVIER VANDERSLICE", dominated the field and shall forever be glossed Sir James, Lord of the Fairway! Sir James also took home The Long Drive Award.  He will have to "bring it" next tournament if he is going to attempt to go back-to-back.

Meltdown Award Winner Sean Moore thought he was the hot-head of the chapter after his play on the back 9.  Little did he know that he was playing with Ariel "Mount" Figuracion.  "Mount" Figuracion did not erupt on Saturday, but one must always be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice.

Ariel won The Closest to The Pin Award.  From about 120 yards out, I think he was the only one to hit the green.  My memory could be faulty, but that sounds about right.....

Fancy boy Adam Diel remembered his putter this time and joined his rightful place in DQ land.

Chapter scores dramatically improved from the previous outing, despite the course being prepared for the upcoming US Open qualifier and, well, you know, all the trees.






Event Results

1.Jamie Vanden Hoek88$1.18
2.Jonathan Furst91$0.72
2.Ariel Figuracion91$0.72
4.Eric Thomas95$0.56
4.Rob Taylor95$0.56
6.Sean Moore97$0.46
7.Christian Kirk99$0.36
7.Jon Brandt99$0.36
9.Brian Church100$0.26
10.Sean Davis101$0.20
11.John Morley103$0.10
11.JOHN O'LEARY103$0.10
13.Connor Thornton105$0.05
13.Jon Plybon105$0.05
17.Adam DielDQ$0.00