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Maui MGA FU Open Delivers Excitement at Kaanapali Royal Golf Course

The Kaanapali Royal Golf Course was alive with energy and competitive spirit today as golfers from all corners of Maui gathered for the highly anticipated Maui MGA F.U.Open. This event brought together 12 members and 4 guests, all eager to showcase their skills and enjoy a day of red, white and blue outfits, lots of shit talking and many mediocre and even more bad gold shots!

Leading the charge was Tim Trudel, whose outstanding performance earned him the title of champion for the day. Trudel's consistent play and unwavering focus saw him rise to the top, securing not only the victory but also the prestigious Gross Award, further solidifying his reputation as one of the top golfers in the Maui MGA, and his patriotic outfit was one for the ages!

Among the many highlights of the day, Michael Street was recognized as the "Most Mediocre," demonstrating a steady and balanced game that kept him in the middle of the pack. Meanwhile, the award for the "Biggest Meltdown" went to Joel Krause, a testament to the unpredictable and often challenging nature of the sport. But Joel’s outfit was also on point!

The FU Open also celebrated moments of sheer power and precision. Our Guest Tim earned the title of "Longest Drive," wowing the crowd with an impressive display of strength and accuracy. Not a single golfer hit the green on hole 17, our  "Closest to Pin" hole. So the cash pot next month with start at $150!

The "Key to the Red Tee" was awarded to Nick Wheeler, who will get to play form a teebox forward next month, due to his last place finish! 

As the day drew to a close, participants gathered at Roy’s for great food, drinks and a good bit of shit talking. The Maui F.U. Open Golf Tournament  proved to be a celebration of mediocre golf, patriotic outfits , and the beautiful island of Maui. With memories made and new goals set, everyone is already looking forward to next month's event at the Bratish Open, which will bring us back to Kaanapali where we will play the Kai Course on Saturday July 20.


Event Results

1.Tim Trudel98$1.01
2.Josh Heimowitz99$0.68
3.Sage Sarchet 100$0.56
4.Deenoze Garcia106$0.51
5.Addison Macaluso108$0.45
6.Brandon Damasco110$0.39
7.michael street111$0.34
8.Paul Barany114$0.28
9.Jim Gruenes119$0.23
10.Todd Harms122$0.17
11.Joel Krause132$0.11
12.Nick Wheeler133$0.06

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