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Maui MGA “The Bastards” Results


The scenic Maui Nui Golf Club witnessed a very mediocre  showdown on April 20, 2024, as golfers gathered for the much-anticipated Maui MGA “The Bastards”  Golf Tournament. The day was filled with laughs, unexpected twists, and remarkable displays of mediocre skill, culminating in a celebration of first “The Bastards” champion - Sage Sarchet. His very mediocre  performance earned him the prestigious title, “The Bastards” trucker hat and shot him to the top of the chapter money list and to the 19th spot on the global money list.

While the spotlight shone brightly on Sage, the tournament also recognized other notable achievements. Greg claimed the title of "Most Mediocre,"  by winning the coin toss with Brandon.  However, the journey on the fairways wasn't without its share of challenges, as witnessed by the Biggest Meltdown, a title shared by Joel and Todd, a testament to the unpredictable nature golf..

The competition also showcased moments of sheer power and precision, with Brandon clinching the coveted title of "Longest Drive," while Tim showcased his talents to claim the "Closest to Pin" award. Larry’s  rough day on the course earned him the "Key to the Red Tee”.

After the round, the players enjoyed a few drinks, lots of laughs and a bit of shit talking. The Maui MGA Golf Tournament once again proved to be a success, uniting  mediocre golfers for a fun afternoon of mediocre to not so good golf! 

The final standings of the tournament were as follows:

Sage Sarchet - 89 - $1.10

Josh Heimowitz - 91 - $0.74

Walfrido Garcia - 93 - $0.61

Michael Street - 97 - $0.55

Deenoze Garcia - 101 - $0.49

Tim Trudel - 107 - $0.43

Brandon Damasco - 114 - $0.34

Greg Utas - 114 - $0.34

Nick Wheeler - 115 - $0.25

Joel Krause - 116 - $0.18

Addison Macaluso - 117 - $0.09

Todd Harms - 117 - $0.09

Jim Gruenes - 120 - $0.06

Larry Lee - 127 - $0.04

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