Chapter News

Match play dominance in the OhiO!!

The CINMGA player's nerves of steel were on display this year as we took both of the match play competitions.

In the end of July we played our sixth annual BS Cup between Cincinnati and the Northern Kentucky chapter.  It is a Ryder Cup format similar to the Buckeye Cup and gives bragging rights for the interstate champion.     For the first four years Cincinnati had dominated the competition but in the last two years Kentucky is showing significant progress.   This year Cincinnati barely held on to the cup as the competition came down to a tie but because of standard Ryder Cup rules, the team with the cup retains it for one more year.  



On September 14th, we played the 8th annual Buckeye Cup for the MGA Ohio championship.    This year we headed to a new course, Darby Creek, in Marysville Ohio and found it to be in great shape with some good facilities.  It was good to change it up after seven years at Windy Knolls.   With 5 of 6 chapters and 59 players, it made for a great tournament.

With a dominating performance of 16 1/2 points, Brian, Dennis, Nolan, Tim, Rich, Dave, Jeff, Skip, Dan, Istopher (Chris), Mike and Bill crushed Toledo, Athens, Columbus and Piqua to bring the Buckeye cup back to its rightful home here in Cincinnati after 6 long years.  We started strong taking six out of eight possible points in the match play matches.    While the four teams playing the Ryder Cup format, brought home a solid 10 1/2 points out of the possible 16. The next closest competitor was Columbus at 14 ½ and, because this is the MGA, we know there can be wide swings in our games.  We saw that prove out as last year‘s champions, Athens, went from 13 1/2 points down to only six this year to take home the last place toilet bowl trophy.       

Cincy are now holding both BS cup and the Buckeye cups proving that we have both the game and nerves required in the match play formats.