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Marty and Joe take down the field.

Knoxville MGA kicked off their ninth season with their Rebel Beach AM-AM at Dandridge Golf Course. It felt like we were playing in Yellowknife, as the temperature for our 8:00am tee time was at 34 degrees! 
Golf balls were not flying like they should, as if felt like we were hitting frozen Top Flight XXX all day long, but after a few swing lube beverages, we managed to push though it all! 
Tried to get everyone’s first swing of the day off hole one, but the phone was frozen at times and the shot tracer didn’t want to pick up some of these wonderful shots, (good thing, it was ugly) videos below! 
Newcomer Alex Braden showed his true MGA skill by recording 7 tens on the scorecard, but didn’t finish in last place. That award went to another newcomer, Jeremy McGill who came in with a 143 on the day and earned himself the sweet Red Key for the Bastards Tournament in April. Yet another newcomer Ben Stone, took home some hardware as he melted down on the back nine with a +9 and Max Donald received Most Mediocre with a 103! Long putt went to Jason Bowers, who hit a four footer to win that award on one of the toughest pin placements ever! Martin Niezgoda won CTP and Sean Fay won LD but neither could cap off a meagle on the hole to capture the Jackpot money! The Hole in 2 Challenge……..ummmm NO ONE! 
Your gross award went to Mike Forcier as he shot an 84 on the day, way to bump up those penalty strokes! 
In the team event, the defending champs, Jason Bowers and Steve Beam came in tied for third with Fred Ball and Mike Forcier (194)and Max Donald and Terry Beason in second with 192. The first time in nine years of the Knoxville MGA we had the Champ Martin Niezgoda take home both the big check and the two-headed trophy with his partner Joe Ontiveros! 

Want to Thank our sponsors for this year:
ICC International

Dormie Workshop

Bio Plumbing

Trailer Park Golf Club

Back 9 Products

Lady Luck Golf

Bubba Brews

Swing Works Golf

Rip it Grips

3-2 customs

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Event Results

1.Martin Niezgoda89$1.12
2.Sean Fay90$0.74
3.Michael Forcier91$0.62
4.Terry Beason 92$0.53
4.Daniel Vass92$0.53
6.Jason Pruitt94$0.43
7.Andrew Millett97$0.34
7.Jason Bowers97$0.34
9.Joe Ontiveros98$0.25
10.Taylor Bingham99$0.16
10.Steven Beam99$0.16
12.Korey Whitlock100$0.06
13.Gene Millett102$0.05
13.Justin Paul102$0.05
15.Max Raterman103$0.03
16.Dave Keener104$0.02
17.Eddie Johnson105$0.00
17.Jason Martinez 105$0.00
19.Spencer Orick107$0.00
19.Bill Hickman107$0.00
21.Curtis Stone109$0.00
21.Ben Stone109$0.00
21.Brandon Wise109$0.00
24.Fred Ball110$0.00
25.Russ Elliott111$0.00
26.Austin Putt114$0.00
26.Lucas Stinnett 114$0.00
26.Jacob Bingham114$0.00
29.Jeremy Seats116$0.00
30.Jacob McCulley117$0.00
30.David Ashburn117$0.00
32.Alex Braden140$0.00
33.Jeremy Mcgill143$0.00
34.Jason AllanDNF$0.00

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