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Martin's Valley

81 and no one close. Martin wanted to let everyone know that he is hunting for The Matches title but little did he realize that going low will also lower his handicap. Martin went 41 and 40 finishing with an 81 a couple penalties added later. Rob Norris was the real story! This guy, who actually is shoots in the low 110s dropped and EAGLE on hole 16. Driver, wood and then the greatest putt known to his foursome that day. Rob & Co come rolling UP on the 17th tee box tell me the story before we celebrated with shot gunning a beer and a couple fist pumps. The keys to the reds is officially owned by Mark Braden after another historic 135 and fear of Oakland and now not playing at Metro cause of said fear. lol Mark will rejoin us at the Tyler Marshall Invitational. (Tyler will not actually invite you) A few days from now, we all rejoin at Metropolitan links and have more stories of mediocrity that will live only in our heads till we drive home. Till next time. Fuck the Dodgers and thanks for the memories Klay Thompson. 4X NBA Champion. 

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