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March Mediocre Madness

March 11, 2023 Baltimore and Kent Island MGA squads got together to kickoff the season with our first combined tournament called March Mediocre Madness or the “Triple M”. 

According to the weather app there would be a lot of "spaghetti" in the forecast which made for a cold and windy day at Queenstown. The Lakes Course was in pretty good condition as 11 medios from Baltimore joined forces with 7 medios from Kent Island to kickoff the season. Despite the cold temperatures everyone agreed it was great getting back out on the course and it beat the alternative of hanging with the wife and kids all day.

New Chapter Leader Noah Kiehle realized it would be a good day early when he started draining putts from all over. The bump and run method was working to perfection after a 4 month break and he jumped out to an early lead carding a 39 on the front nine. The pace slowed on the back nine as a group in front was caught despite having a 4 hole head start before the mediocre guys. The first 2 MGA groups decided to play as a 6some so that they would be slower and not have to ride up on that awful group in front. 

Talks were being made to drive up and give them an MGA card but realized having them would go against MGA Rule 1.4 DON'T BE a SLUUUG!!

The slow pace was enough to ruin Noah's great round and win him the meltdown award as he added 9 strokes on the back. However even with the award in hand he was able to best the field and take the first "Triple M" Bobblehead Trophy.

The Kent Island Guys took the Closest to the Pin, Money Hole, Long Drive, and Mediocre Awards. But Baltimore's own Anthony Young wouldn't let all the awards go the other way as he sucked enough to bring home the Red Key and the First "Ballsack" of the year with an impressive +18 over 4 holes on the back nine.

A vote was had and a new rule was established to the Baltimore Chapter that states the Red Key winner shall sing the National Anthem at the next tournament to kick off the event. Looking forward to Anthony's rendition next month at Pine Ridge for the Rebel Beach Am Am tournament to start the regular season for the Baltimore MGA.

New guy Sammy Smutz played well enough to take the littlest trophy of the day as his 84 tied KI's Tim Brennan for the Gross Award to round out the prizes.

For those who were busy or scared to golf in the cold "spaghetti," you missed out on a fun afternoon and we look forward to seeing everyone out there at our next tournament on April 1st. 

Results were as follows

Noah 91, Walt 93,Tim B 93, Sammy 95, Stephen 95, Eric 96, Matt 97, Bernard 103, Doug 104, Jason 107, Stacy 109, Steve 110, Tim S 112, Chuck 113, Ryan 113, Will 116, Anthony 122, Jeff #ScaredOfTheCold.

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