Chapter News

The Man They Call "Grandpa"

Our newest winner, Chris Richardson, pulled off his 1st ever win by shooting an 85. Miler (Summerville) Country Club played short but the scores did not match. For Chris, he led from the start and didn't look back! Great job and don't forget to cherish those jugs (once we find the label).

Event Results

1.Chris Richardson85$0.87
2.Matthew Lee91$0.58
3.Daniel Peters92$0.46
3.Patrick McLellan92$0.46
5.Jason Uebelhoer 97$0.39
6.Jose Aguayo98$0.34
7.Josh Masuga102$0.29
8.Zach Sloman 105$0.24
9.Ben Masuga106$0.19
10.Courtney Elizabeth Zorn Sloman112$0.14
11.Joshua Thigpen120$0.10