Chapter News

Majors for the "W"

With Skip coming into this event on a hot streak, winning the last two events, it was almost predictable he would walk away with the claret jugs. That, however, was before Majors showed up with a lucky rabbits foot in his pocket (at least I hope that was where it was at). At the turn Majors had a pretty commanding lead and despite all our best efforts, nobody could come close to challenging him. When interviewed afterwards, Majors told me he had a feeling he was going to bring home the trophy. Now if he can have a feeling about me winning an event that would be awesome, HINT HINT Majors!!

Baker had a solid second place finish. We had a tie for third between our rookie medio Rich Shudick and Grand Rapids very own Paul Rettig. Paul and Karl Rettig made the short trip down to the region for this event and it was great to have them. Paul also took home the Long Drive and Karl took home a check for 10th place.

Freeman was the proud recipient of the C.P. award and then outdid himself by winning everybodys favorite, the Meltdown. Roger took home the golden M and rookiie medio Don Oprondek "won" the red key.

Since I forgot to mention this in last months article, our C.L. played and is still playing with a fractured leg. We will not get into the whole story of how that happened, but I saw it happen, it was truely EPIC, and that particular park in Mexico will be adding another item on the list of things not to do during this excursion. All that said, that sets the excuse bar pretty high for anyone who cannot make an event.