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Major Showdown at Strawberry Farms

Greetings medios! The South O.C. started off summer with a banger on Sunday, as 24 medios showed up to vie for the F.U. Open title at gorgeous Strawberry Farms Golf Club. This was our first tournament at Strawberry, as well as many medios’ first time playing this track, and it did not disappoint. Sometimes referred to as a “player’s course”, whatever that means, Strawberry Farms was nothing if not challenging, beautiful, and a worthy venue for a major championship.

The day began cool and gloomy but eventually the sun broke through, and while the sun shines on everyone, the golf gods are far more selective. It was a very close contest, and every last stroke (and penalty strokes) came into play, but after the numbers were crunched it was a one shot victory for Patrick O’Malley to ultimately take home the trophy. This is Patrick’s second career win, his first major, his first win in the South OC, and his 84 on Sunday was also his lowest career round on tour. While O’Malley may not be on top of the world, he is now on top of the South OC Chapter Money List, so he’s got to be feeling pretty good. Congrats! 

At this point we must take a moment for Frank Wang, who went out there and shot the best round of the day, didn’t win because of his many penalty strokes, nabbed solo 2nd, and his reward was . . . another penalty stroke (bringing him to 6). The MGA system is our system, and I am assured by smarter chapter members than myself that the math checks out, but sometimes it seems to sting more than others. Though I know for a fact that O’Malley isn’t complaining about it - for the moment. The other thing about our system is it may favor you one day, only to cost you the next. Frank doesn’t walk away winless, however, he did of course pick up the Gross Award for his efforts. 

Honorable mentions:

Quan’s Meltdown Award was well and truly earned. Heading out in even par 36, he surely had dreams of bigger leagues on his mind, only to come home in 49 and realize that he is still, at his core, a medio. The curse of the shot at the turn strikes again.

Greg Flanders had what sure seems like a pretty great afternoon, taking down the birdie pool right out the gate on hole #1, grabbing the Kinda Close on hole #17, and finishing in solo 3rd. Not bad, not bad at all.

With that, somehow we’ve already reached the halfway point of the 2023 season and we’ve got a nice long break before the 4th and final major of the year. Perhaps the league’s most coveted trophy, the Claret Juggs, awaits the winner of the Bratish Open. For the second tournament in a row the South OC will be taking on a course new to MGA tournament play, Oak Creek (shout out to Keith Beall for the assist on this one), so we’re set to close out the majors in continued style. Please register and pay as early as possible. We’ll see you mid-July, medios!


Event Results

1.Patrick O'Malley84$1.35
2.Frank Wang85$0.90
3.Greg Flanders87$0.75
4.Quan Ha89$0.68
5.Scott Sanchez90$0.60
6.Danny Prosser91$0.49
6.Paul Zambrano 91$0.49
8.Scott Bruce93$0.38
9.Clint Davis94$0.26
9.Keith Beall94$0.26
11.David Duran95$0.15
12.Joseph Mancinelli97$0.08
13.Bobby Barcelona98$0.07
14.Todd Arnoldt99$0.05
14.Ryan Williams99$0.05
16.Eric Tucker100$0.02
16.Kyle Kaplan100$0.02
18.Eddie Dainko102$0.00
19.Corey Sanchez103$0.00
20.Brian Owens104$0.00
20.Greg Piper104$0.00
20.Cengiz Tekin104$0.00
23.Chris Jacobson105$0.00
24.Drew Cox109$0.00

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