Chapter News

Major results, minor reporting.

We have reached the half way point of the year at CINMGA and major season is in full swing.  However, you would not know it what based on the amount of press it is getting. Obviously the chapter leader did not win any of these tournaments or there would’ve been a lot more articles!

We opened the season with the Rebel Beach and it was anything but a day at the beach.  Icy cold rain combined with a breeze turned it into a brutal 4 1/2 hours slog.   Twenty one hardy souls completed it with Mr. Grimes following up his El Presidente Cup victory with another win in the first official tournament of the year.    He was closely followed by Mr. Gambrel who ended up being his partner for the day so they took home the Am/Am trophy.

The Bastards opened our major season in April and Mother Nature again told us that it was not time to start playing golf.     To avoid a repeat of the misery of the Rebel Beach we delayed the tournament by one week but this cost us about half of the field.  The weather was sketchy again but that did not stop Jared Leiker and Andy Stout from laying down some impressive golf and ending up in a playoff.   It took a couple of rounds of chip and putt but Jared denied Andy his first win on the MGA.

The newly repositioned major, the MGA championship, was up next and we played it on a new golf course for us, Elks Run.  A newbie Chris Hicks (a.k.a. Chris Hill a.k.a. that new asshole) swept the field by four strokes.  He was followed by a tie in second place between Dave Gibson, tying his best finish ever on tour and Tim Grimes who is on fire!

The FU open finally saw some decent weather for golf with Tim Grimes and Kyle Gambrell again topping the charts and tied at the end of regulation.  “Onesie” Grimes made short work of Kyle in the playoffs or should I say Kyle made short work of Kyle (bladed chip) as usually happens in the MGA playoffs. Tim proved again that the uglier the outfit, the better his golf as he showed up in a red white and blue onesie that was immediately dubbed “the gay rodeo clown outfit”. You be the judge.

Mr. Grimes is running away with the chapter money title at this point and is number 7 on the Global money list!    He has won three of our five tournaments including the L Presidente cup off-season event.  He was complaining about playing with the same people again this week until he was informed that only a few people will even play with him!!   He is quickly becoming the most hated man in CINMGA and that will not get any better as, even with his victory this week, his number of penalty strokes actually went down from 6 to 5. This guarantees is that everyone will be whining about the handicap system at the next tournament and Tim’s security people will be the only ones in his foursome.

After a long 6 week spell between tournaments the season begins to heat up,   We now have a quick three week break before wrapping up the major season with the Bratish at Shaker Run .     This is followed two weeks later by golf on four out of five weekends.    We start with the match play BS Cup vs. NKY chapter then two tournaments and the regional event in Toledo where we are defending Cup champions.      Get em all on your calendars!

Event Results

1.Tim Grimes88$1.35
2.Kyle Gambrel88$0.90
3.Dave Ratajczak91$0.71
3.Bill Morley91$0.71
5.Matt Fischer92$0.56
5.Matt Brown92$0.56
7.Mike Boyer93$0.38
7.Jared Leiker93$0.38
7.Dan Harold93$0.38
10.Dennis H.95$0.23
11.Christopher Hicks96$0.15
12.Jeff Gilbert98$0.08
13.Jarod Dennis99$0.06
13.Mike Yannucci99$0.06
15.Dave Gibson103$0.03
15.Andy Stout103$0.03
15.Nolan Martin103$0.03
18.Bob Evans105$0.00
19.Eric Hostetler106$0.00
20.Pepe Flores113$0.00
21.Roger Foy131$0.00