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Madison MGA: Rebel Beach Am-Am 2021

In late March of 2021, 17 Medios braved the chill, rain, and soaked Edelweiss golf course to kick off the 2021 season!

After worrying over the weather forecast for two weeks, your fearless chapter leader decided to give the go-ahead despite the rain and low-40's temperature. He was only SLIGHTLY worried when he showed up 45 minutes before the 8:30am first tee time (later than he had wanted to), and the only other car in the parking lot was the guy working the pro shop. He went in and paid for his round, and the guy behind the counter seemed surprised that we were going to play. "A little rain has never stopped the MGA!" he told him, and promptly walked out (forgetting the hole event flags). It's March in Wisconsin, we should've been happy that we were playing at all! Only a few players decided against playing (no names, you know who you are :)) It actually wasn't so bad to start. Former chapter leader Mike Mallder wisely said on the practice green that the rain would stop soon, and lo-and-behold, as the first group hit the tee box the skies became dry. Unfortunately, the golf course wasn't, but hey-it's golf in Wisconsin in March.

At the end of the day, Jeremy Lewis walked away with the big check after a solid round of 92. He also took home the Meltdown award, which takes some talent to win both of those in the same tournament. He wasn't done though: he also had the longest drive of the day. What a trifecta! Closest to the Pin and the Gross Award went to newcomer Brian Smith with a great round of 84. His 10 penalty strokes gave him a runner-up finish. Not a bad way to start your MGA career! Rounding out the awards were Shannon Lupton (Most Mediocre) and Angel Lopez (Key to the Red Tee).

In addition to his other two awards, Brian Smith teamed up fellow newcomer Allan Muzilla to claim the trophies with a combined score of 190! Congratulations!

All in all, it was a pretty good day to shake off the cobwebs and play some golf. It's so exciting to have the 2021 season underway!

See see you at our next tournament (The Bastards) on Saturday, April 17th at Baraboo Country Club!


Event Results

1.Jeremy Lewis92$1.12
2.Brian Smith94$0.74
3.Mike Mallder98$0.59
3.Sam Fenker98$0.59
5.Austin Pfundheller99$0.47
5.Matt Arduini99$0.47
7.Brandon Nontelle 105$0.37
8.Allan Muzilla106$0.28
8.Shannon Lupton106$0.28
10.Adam Allison107$0.16
10.Keith Mallder107$0.16
12.Jim Lukken109$0.06
13.Robert Tressler 113$0.06
14.Jeremy Weber115$0.04
15.Tyler Ambroziak118$0.03
16.Casey Willauer123$0.02
17.Angel Lopez133$0.00