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Madison MGA: The Last Gasp 2020

On what was most likely the last perfect day for Wisconsin golf in 2020, 19 medios gathered to close out a pretty strange, unprecedented season.

At the end of the day, Max Wasserman walked away with the big check and trophy for the second straight tournament. No small feat from the blue tees! Other winners on the day were Mike Mallder (Most Mediocre), Nell Lapres (Long Drive), Kristina Weltzin (Closest to the Pin), Austin Pfundheller (Gross Award, even though he didn't DQ again), Jeremy Weber (Key to the Red Tees), and myself with the Meltdown award.

In addition to the tournament awards, we also crowned our money list champion, Shannon Lupton! Shannon won twice (the Bratish and the Bastards), and finished in the top four in two other tournaments. Congratulations and great job on the consistant play all year!

Max was kind enough to write-up his Last Gasp experience, which you can find below.

Thank you all again for sticking with it and rolling with the punches in 2020! I'm really proud to be your chapter leader and look forward to what will be an awesome season in 2021!


The Last Gasp 2020 by Max Wasserman

On a beautiful day at the Bridges, I was in the first group with Adam and Casey – we got the music ramped up and got ready to roll. Early on I caught a couple of good breaks and bad breaks. On two, I duck hooked a drive into the shed, which miraculously landed me in the left rough. I didn’t realize there was water on the next shot, so my perfect layup went into the mud on the far side of the stream. Somehow hit that 15 yards back onto the fairway. On four I hit a beautiful drive, slightly left that landed two inches into a puddle on the left. My hard P got that almost to the green and splattered mud all over my new lulu lemon pants, and from there things started looking up with birdies on five and seven. Casey was piping drives down the center and sometimes right all day, and Adam was vying for the “flare up” award, potentially coming to MGA Madison 2021, for most 10s in a row in an otherwise good round. The round went pretty smoothly, although we did have a 55 minute gap between our last hole and the next group’s last hole.  I also set a new personal record for shortest putt missed at around a foot. Congrats to Shannon for winning the money list and to the ladies for taking longest drive and closest to the pin!



Event Results

1.Max Wasserman89$1.12
2.Micah Latty91$0.68
2.Nell Lapres91$0.68
4.Jeremy Lewis92$0.53
4.Matt Arduini92$0.53
6.Austin Pfundheller93$0.43
7.Shannon Lupton94$0.37
8.Kristina Weltzin95$0.31
9.Keith Mallder97$0.22
9.Mike Mallder97$0.22
11.Carl Gottgetreu100$0.12
12.Jason Natrop101$0.06
13.James Hickman102$0.06
14.Brandon Nontelle 105$0.04
15.Adam Allison107$0.03
16.Samuel Wauford110$0.02
16.Jim Lukken110$0.02
18.Casey Willauer111$0.00
19.Jeremy Weber115$0.00