Chapter News

Madison MGA: The Douche Bag Invitational 2020

On a rare-air Sunday morning, 20 Medios gathered at MGA Madison favorite The Oaks to battle it out for the upside-down visor. The bunkers were a little wet and the wind was whipping, but otherwise it was a perfect day for some mediocre golf. At the end, Max Wasserman walked away with the trophy and big check!

Other notables were Austin Pfundheller winning the gross award, shooting a 75 and DQing himself for the third straight tournament. He says he wants to keep the streak going! Most Mediocre on the day went to Sam Zagone, Meltdown went to your fearless chapter leader (after shooting a 12 on the 18th hole), Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin went to the househould of James Hickman and Nell Lapres, who I'm sure proudly stuck their stickers to their front door. Finally, the Key to the Red Tee was won by Keith Mallder.

Max didn't respond to my email asking if he wanted do a write-up of his own, so this one is going to be short and sweet.

Our final event of the 2020 MGA season will be Saturday, 10/10 at Bridges. Hope you can join us so we can finish strong!


Event Results

1.Max Wasserman82$1.35
2.Nell Lapres90$0.90
3.James Hickman92$0.75
4.Adam Allison95$0.60
4.Jeremy Weber95$0.60
4.Micah Latty95$0.60
7.Mike Mallder101$0.41
7.Shannon Lupton101$0.41
9.Sam Zagone102$0.30
10.Jason Natrop103$0.19
10.Matt Arduini103$0.19
12.Jeremy Lewis104$0.08
13.Jim Lukken105$0.05
13.Casey Willauer105$0.05
13.Carl Gottgetreu105$0.05
16.Kristina Weltzin110$0.02
17.Ron Marty114$0.00
18.Samuel Wauford115$0.00
19.Keith Mallder118$0.00
20.Austin PfundhellerDQ$0.00