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Madison MGA: The Bastards 2022

On May 21st, 20 players gathered to battle it out for the trucker cap. Austin walked away with the big check, as well as the gross award. Other award on the day went to Mike Mallder (Most Mediocre, Longest Drive), Kraig Knudson (Meltdown), Casey Willauer (Closest to the Pin), and Gregg Velders (Key to the Red Tee). 

Austin was kind enough to write-up his recollection of his win. Enjoy!

So, going back in time to nearly a month ago now, 20 Medios returned to Waunakee, site of my last MGA win at the 2020 MGA courtesy of Sam’s 74 DQ. I benefitted early from my inability to show up early, as the worst of the weather had interfered more with the Ron-Jim-Mike-Ty early group while I was probably only just waking up. In hopes of showing up with decent game at my course of choice in the Madison area I arrived early enough that, while the rest of my group was already in the first tee box, I had time to hit 2 putts after paying. After letting those who were less familiar with the course know that the only real miss you had to avoid on 1 was putting it in the bunkers on the right in trying to go for it, I proceeded to do exactly that, leading to an infuriating bogey.

This was followed with ¾ of the group playing at least half-intentionally at my urging into the 11th fairway on 2 (at the expense of some asshole playing 11 who looked at Casey and I angrily as though it was our fault that he put his second in the hazard when we were well behind him). I felt good about my tactics on that hole and… proceeded to put a 75 yard wedge in the greenside bunker, then 3-putt for double. Existing trends continued as I played onto 4 off 3 tee, but stabilized with a par on 4 followed by another unforced error on 5, missing the green with a 9 iron in hand on the worst side possible. At this time I was still scrapping to get ahead of Max among players in my group; this shot undermined the benefits I got from being the only member of the foursome not to put a ball in the water.

6 was relatively uneventful; no one behind us on 5 attempted to play into 6 fairway to go for the green so we progressed without issue. At this point, my phone hadn’t died yet, and it looked like James’ streak of absurd play was very much intact, so I assumed I was already well out of contention – perfect fodder for a very reasonable and measured reaction after a snap-hook on the 7th hole, not the first time in these tournaments I took driver on a hole I normally wouldn’t due to a bizarre choice of long drive hole (congratulations to Mike for taking long drive honors). A double bogey on 8 after another bunker-3putt combo (after again calling my shot in the left fairway bunker off the tee) followed by an absurd fried egg leading to bogey on 9 made for a turn at +7 43. At this point my phone died, and I saw where James was at and assumed he’d DQ and that someone else would comfortably win the big check as Sam and Ty both had solid rounds intact. I committed mentally to just trying to shoot +1 or +2 at worst on the back 9 to save face a bit. That was threatened fairly quickly by hitting an absolute trash iron shot on 12 into the reeds and needing to get up-and-down to save bogey. We were graced on the Ken Norton Memorial 13th tee box with a ball from the group of randos behind us coming very close to our white tee box (which was well long of the green, as opposed to the right box I’m used to), but that hole otherwise passed quietly.

Closest to pin on 14 was clearly gettable; Casey pipped me by about 4 feet to the front-right pin position on the short par 3 and followed with the traditional MGA closest to pin 3-putt. On 15 I made another par and we started to catch up to the other groups – Nell asked me how it was going out there; I said so-so but that I didn’t actually know how I was doing since my phone had been dead. She asked if I wanted to know where I was at, which I should’ve declined because of my well-documented fragility under pressure, but, assuming I was well out of contention, was shocked to find out that I was tied with Sam for the lead. This of course led to me missing the green on the short par 5 16th with a wedge in hand from about 85 yards (shades of 2) to give away the last of the shots I’d mentally allowed myself. I knew I had to close par-par to feel OK about my round – this was handled with ease on 17 but my iron from near the 10th fairway after another snap-hook off 18 tee flew long into a tough sidehill position for my pitch. Playing against type, I was able to get that up and down for another par, a round of 81, and the double heartbreaker of 1-shot gross and net wins over Sam (with an assist to James for taking an 8 going for the green on 17).

In the other award categories, Kraig pulled off an impressive 12 meltdown, and Gregg, pushing nobly through a recent injury, snagged the key to the red tee. With that, I took my second win at Sixmile and third big check and looked ahead to the tips at Edelweiss.

Event Results

1.Austin Pfundheller86$1.26
2.Sam Zagone87$0.84
3.Ty Martin89$0.67
3.Nell Lapres89$0.67
5.Max Wasserman93$0.53
5.James Hickman93$0.53
7.Adam Allison95$0.42
8.Matt Arduini96$0.32
8.Mike Mallder96$0.32
10.JohnMark Fisher98$0.21
11.Richard Allison99$0.14
12.Jason Natrop101$0.07
13.Jim Lukken102$0.06
13.Kraig Knudson102$0.06
15.Carl Gottgetreu103$0.03
15.Casey Willauer103$0.03
17.Ron Marty108$0.00
18.Keith Mallder109$0.00
19.Robert Tressler 111$0.00
20.Gregg Velders 120$0.00