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Madison MGA: The Bastards 2021

Hello Friends-on a beautiful Spring day, 21 Medios gathered at Baraboo Country Club to dodge golf balls while driving to the driving range and compete for the coveted trucker cap and big check. There were quite a few good rounds on the day, but ultimately former chapter leader Mike Mallder prevailed, destroying at least one birdhouse on the way to winning his first Bastards and capturing the early money list lead. Mike also walked away with the Closest to the Pin.

Also winning awards were new member Casey Willauer (Most Mediocre), Sam Zagone (Gross Award AND Meltdown, goes to show how good of a round he had!) Tyler Ambroziak (Long Drive), and Rober Tressler (Key to the Red Tees).

Mike was nice enough to write-up his Bastards experience, which you can find below.

Our next tournament is The MGA on May 8th at one of our staples, The Oaks. Hope to see you there!

-Matt, 2nd place finisher (aka first loser)

Battle for The Bastards in Boo-Town by Mike Mallder

                When the schedule started to come out this year I was really excited to see Baraboo make the list.  Not because I know the course, I think I’ve only played it 3 or 4 times and one of them was a practice round a couple weeks ago. It was because my first job, in Baraboo, lost my virginity, in Baraboo, first apartment, in Baraboo, first driving range I remember my dad taking me to, in Baraboo, got married…you guessed it, in Baraboo.  I felt at home and had high expectations for the day. 

                It was a chilly start and I laughed when I saw Jason in shorts but those laughs turned to jealousy as it warmed up quickly and turned out to be a beautiful day for golf.  I’d like to give everybody a round of applause for not injuring anybody or being injured in the commute to and from the range.  For anybody that didn’t make it just picture the cart path going up the side of the range with no protection and then directly in front of the tee boxes….wtf?

                We started out on what turned out to be a really hard par 3 to hit.  I watched group after group tee off and I think most shots ended up closer to the green on 10 than the one we were aiming for.  Hickman stepped up and ended up being the only one to actually hit the green, good job James.

                I had a nice up and down on 1 to save par then really started to feel it on 3.  I put my drive just off the 2nd fairway right behind the 200 yard marker with a ton of trees in my way and no clear shot to the green.  I decided punching back out into the fairway was a stupid play and went with swinging as hard as I could, slice it around the trees and hope I didn’t ricochet off the post and take one to the face.  Ended up doing exactly what I drew up, just a little short and in the bunker.  Got up and down again for a birdie and it was game on. 

                Big shout-out to Tyler for taking the long drive on a pretty intimidating 5th hole with death to the right and the tightest fairway anywhere on the course.  My driver was treating me pretty well but I ended up skying that one and didn’t get it quite figured out until after the 12th hole….glad I was sober enough to remember it.  We were waiting on the guys in front of us and I decided to text my wife and see how the fam was doing….   

I smoked it but skyed it again and hit that poor birds house on the fly.  I did stop in the clubhouse to let them know and repairs should be under way.  This may not have even been the most impressive feat on this par 5.  Jason absolutely crushed one off the tee and stuck it on the fringe!!!  For his second shot he chipped off #5’s green, put it safely back in our fairway and walked away with a par. 

                I ended up taking closest to the pin, hitting my 54 degree higher than farther and left myself a 4 footer that happily 2 putted.  Sam Zagone had another great round, too bad for those damn penalty strokes but he still took home the Gross Award.  Sam was on fire on the front with a 40 and then completely fell apart on the back 9 with a…….44 to also take the Meltdown award.  Robert Tressler brought up the pack and gets to play from the ladies at the Oaks.  Cant say I’m excited to play from the blues, blacks, magenta or whatever Matt decides we’re playing from but looking forward to seeing you all there!


2021 Bastards Champion
2019 F.U. Open Champion
2018 FORE! Champion
Previous Chapter Leader
Destructor of Birdhouses

Event Results

1.Mike Mallder85$1.26
2.Matt Arduini90$0.84
3.Sam Zagone92$0.70
4.Shannon Lupton93$0.63
5.James Hickman94$0.56
6.Max Wasserman98$0.39
6.Brian Smith98$0.39
6.Jason Natrop98$0.39
6.Austin Pfundheller98$0.39
10.Alex Vitanye100$0.21
11.Casey Willauer101$0.14
12.Jeremy Lewis102$0.07
13.Ron Marty103$0.05
13.Nell Lapres103$0.05
13.Jon Slaton103$0.05
16.Jim Lukken104$0.02
16.Jeremy Weber104$0.02
16.Tyler Ambroziak104$0.02
19.Keith Mallder108$0.00
20.Carl Gottgetreu112$0.00
21.Robert Tressler 113$0.00