Chapter News

Madison FU Open 2020

On Saturday, August 1st, Madison Medios descended on Deer Valley. Despite some challenging restrictions imposed by the course, we made it through (and since everyone paid, your chapter leader didn't need to take out a second mortgage).

Congratulations to Nell, who took home the new-and-improved FU Open trophy! Nell was nice enough to do a write-up, which you'll find below her picture.

Other winners on the day were Jim Lukken (Most Mediocre), Jason Natrop and Mike Mallder (tied for Biggest Meltdown), Austin Pfundheller (Gross Award), Carl Gottgetreu (Long Drive), Angel Lopez (Key to the Red Tee), and myself winning Closest to the Pin on one of the best shots I've ever hit.

Thanks again for everyone putting up with all the changes and strictness from the golf course, and making this tournament a success!



Here's Nell's writeup!

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen going into the FU Open. I’d had my first ever golf lesson the Sunday before and my instructor decided the only path forward was to completely overhaul my swing. That combined with the 45+ emails from our chapter leader as seemingly everyone in the chapter joined, then canceled their tee time, then rejoined led to me walk up to the course with a lot of unknowns. Thankfully, Rod Nozzle sent us an inspirational video of himself with a mullet and decked out in American flag attire chugging two beers to kick-off the day. Unfortunately he was on COVID watch so couldn’t grace us with his presence (no worries though, he is officially negative).

I was excited to play with Jim, Ben, and Zach. However, as our tee time approached and Ben and Zach hadn’t arrived, Jim and I realized we would be playing alone. Jim and I had a lovely front 9, with both of us playing fairly well. We stepped up to hole 5 excited for an opportunity to get closest to the pin. Unfortunately, Matt had already wrapped that up with a shot that he sucked back from the top of the green to within 10feet.

Jim and I both crushed our tee shots on 10 and drove up the fairway excited to see how close we came to long-drive, only to find out that the first group forgot it was the long-drive hole and hadn’t put the flag out. That was lucky for Carl who ended up winning on 18 after Jim, Jeremy W, and Carl all smoked drive, each hitting it past the last person. Jim and I had paired up with Jeremy and Carl on 13 after Keith unfortunately hurt his knee and couldn’t keep playing. We are hoping for a speedy recovery Keith, so we can see you back on the course! I stayed consistent on the back 9 and even came close to an eagle on 15! Jeremy tried his best to show me every angle of my 3 foot eagle putt so I was able to lag it up there for a 2 putt birdie.


I ended up with my best gross round ever (an 85). Luckily for me, Austin continued with his goal to be too good for the MGA and DQed, while Jeremy bogeyed on 18 to allow me to eke out a 2 stroke victory. Angel won the keys to the red tees. Unfortunately, the only birdie Tyler found on the course was the eagle mask he brought. He did definitely bring home best dressed, although Rod would have given him some competition. Jim played a solid round, ending with another most mediocre. Mike and Jason both struggled with the back nine and tied for biggest meltdown.