Chapter News

Love takes the Gold from the Golden!

The Knoxville MGA held their 5th annual THE MGA tournament at Knoxville Municipal golf course. As it goes almost everytime we go out to play a tournament, weather would be a factor! They were calling for downpours all day, but the golf gods held the rains off for us until we were finally done!

After looking at the scorecards…….I would say that just about everyone wouldn’t have minded if we skipped the very 1st hole. The best scores on the hole were made by Brittany, Scott M, and Love Machine…..all shooting 6’s! There were a lot of shots saved, as plenty of Medios were pulling out the chainsaws in the woods and hacking them out! The shot of the day on the hole was made by Patrick Stambaugh, scolding one from roughly 80 yards out and hit the top of the pin to then land on the with a solid 4 putt for a 7 on the hole!

On the long drive hole we had a few big bombers out there fighting for that title and to take home the goods……Couldn’t say the same for Bill Hickman, as he did hit a nice shot in the middle of the fairway, but his second shot he hits it into the cart and the ball was stuck behind the brake pedal……Sean drove off with it!  He punched it out and then hit one into the pond! Just awesome!

Hole #13 Allen had an amazing chip and putt for par, but Bowers would top him on the hole with a meagle (birdie), enter Bill Hickman……his second shot from the fairway almost killed the foursome on the tee box of #14! He was then behind some trees, were his only shot was to punch out, but there was no way that he wouldn’t hit a tree, Sean bet him a beer he couldn’t do it…..that MFer, right on thru and on the green! Allen did follow up that nice par on the next hole with a sweet Quad!

Hole #18 Doug Launderdale rips his drive down the middle, but is blocked by the trees to be able to get on in two, hits a great 2nd shot to about 100yards, then the fun begins…he hits a shank straight right into the woods. Hack shot is No Bueno! Gets on the green in 6….2 putt for a sweet 8!

The Red Key Winner would go to a player that shot 1 under par after 9 holes! Muni is a par 72, and Charles Slay shot a 71 on the front 9! At least he turned his game around on the back nine and didn’t get a meltdown award on top of that….that award would got to JP after shooting a 41 on the front, the back 9 killed him with plus 10 on the back, however he did drill one down the middle for the longest drive! Dave Ashburn would win the closest to the pin and the cash from the jackpot as he meagled the hole.

Mark Love would hold off the field as he took the gold home from the Golden Geezer Tees!

Event Results

1.Mark Love83$1.35
2.Garry Weaver 87$0.90
3.Sean Fay88$0.75
4.Jason Bowers91$0.68
5.Korey Whitlock92$0.56
5.Justin Paul92$0.56
7.Fred Tipton93$0.30
7.Scott Norman93$0.30
7.Scott McCarty93$0.30
7.Austin Putt93$0.30
7.Allen Aldridge 93$0.30
12.Bill Hickman94$0.07
12.Brandon Grooms94$0.07
14.Bryan Franklin100$0.05
14.Van Heflin100$0.05
16.Dave Keener101$0.02
17.Daniel Vass102$0.00
17.Tommie Cansler102$0.00
19.Mike Spooner103$0.00
20.Doug Lauderdale107$0.00
20.David Ashburn107$0.00
20.Patrick Stambaugh107$0.00
23.Misty Stout115$0.00
24.Brittany Chamberlain 118$0.00
25.Charles Slay125$0.00