Chapter News

At Least that One's in Bounds

[by: Joe Faga]

Jason Smelser climbed to number 3 on the Columbus Chapter money list for 2020 with a win at the Fore! championship, picking up a pile o' cash ($1.710,000) at this event. Jason edges out Dave Knowles by $0.01, dropping Dave to fourth.
We had a number of guests join us for this event. Hope all had fun and got home safely!
The Columbus medios left a number of lost balls on the damp, smelly, and oddly sandy course, but had some spectacular near misses and recoveries. Consensus was that the groundskeeper's timer was way off and the sprinklers just kept on doing their thing way too long. Golf balls rolling on the greens picked up more sand than could be found in most of the bunkers. At least it was better than Royal American.
At least one of the fairway bunkers had sand in it that would have been playable. Luckily I missed by a few inches because I have no skills to hit from a fairway bunker. Usually not a problem as most of them are way beyond my reach anyway.

Stephen Baybutt was living on the edge as well, with his back against long grass and trees more than once. All that practice paid off on the final hole, when Steve flew the green by 20+ yards. With his back to the trees he chipped in for birdie and a net 100 score. Missed the Most Mediocre by a stroke, which went to Robert McArthur for this event.

On the 7th hole Matt Mayo managed to advance his ball safely from just behind a tree left off the fairway, swingng left-handed and striking the ball with the back of his 3-wood.  Who practices that shot? Jeez... Falsely confident from that success, he bet he could make six or better on the 15th with just his 9-iron.  He made 8 and had to pay up.
Doug Short was apparently bitter about missing the fairway for the Longest Drive hole.
Quotes of the day:
"That putt looked good until the last two inches."
"My best hole of the day was a double bogey."
Winning the 'Making the Best of What's Around' award, (not a real thing), Justin Scribner used a cart sign to keep his ball in play on 11. The sign's a goner, but if he hadn't hit it it would have been deep in the weeds for sure.

Event Results

1.Jason Smelser88$1.71
2.Anthony Cable89$1.14
3.Connor Mazza90$0.90
3.Matt Bigelow90$0.90
5.Jabrones Golf91$0.71
5.Doug Short91$0.71
7.Steve Sillato93$0.57
8.Jason Strickland94$0.48
9.Elliot Mork95$0.38
10.Justin Scribner96$0.29
11.Graydon Spanner98$0.14
11.Timothy Collins98$0.14
13.Jay Sutter100$0.07
13.Steven Baybutt100$0.07
13.Brad Schimmoeller100$0.07
16.Robby Thompson101$0.03
16.Sundar Digumarthy101$0.03
16.Robert McArthur101$0.03
19.Seth Wehner102$0.00
20.Patrick Affourtit103$0.00
21.Steven Merrill105$0.00
21.Mathew Mayo105$0.00
23.Joe Milacek106$0.00
23.Matt Keller106$0.00
25.Chris Pike107$0.00
26.Matt Arrasmith 108$0.00
27.Brent Huddleston111$0.00
28.Gary Sutter112$0.00
29.Paul Miller113$0.00
29.Brett Ewing113$0.00
31.Joe Faga120$0.00
32.Corinne Bigelow121$0.00
33.Jeff Gilligan124$0.00
33.Jay Patel124$0.00
35.Eric Heberle128$0.00
35.Justin Duffie128$0.00