Chapter News

Lasser Takes the Chitown Trucker Cap

When scheduling events at the beginning of February, one can be concerned what the golf day will be like.  April in Chicago is much more likely to be 40° and raining than 65° and sunny.  But alas, the golf gods did shine upon thine MGA'ers in the 2nd tournament of the season.  Ravisloe Country Club played host to the Chicago Bastards and what a place to play.  Designed by Donald Ross, this course has plenty of sand.  Sand which you can expect this mediocre group was going to find.

Despite these perfect temps, a fantastic rate at a fantastic course, we still only could muster 5 MGA members, though we did have along some guests and prospective members to join us.  If you know of anyone, get them to register with us!  It was kind of embarassing, really.

An unbelievably gorgeous day out on the course, we did our best not to wreck it for the season. Considering how rarely we were on the fairways, I presume, mission accomplished.
If you find yourself in the Chicagoland area looking for a place to golf. I highly recommend Ravisloe Country Club. Hands down, one of the nicest courses we have played. We look forward to heading back next year.
At the end of the day Harrison cleaned up his act enough on the back 9 to claim the coveted Blue Trucker Cap. We were fortunate enough to have the defending champ on hand to crown the new owner of the cap.
Two frequent guests of the MGA joined us for the Bastards, JD and Jeremy have played with us in the past. Good dudes who enjoy their golf, but unfortunately they have not been as blessed with mediocrity as the rest of us. So we were happy to have them. If nothing else, we could all learn from their form. I certainly did.