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Las Vegas MGA AM-AM

Well it looks like were kicking off our season . Las Vegas rebel beach am-am is kicking off as schedule despite the coronavirus scare ! 


were are cleared for take off . I just played the course and its in great shape ,, greens are awesome,, they roll good . 


Lets play safe with this virus , i guess this is a real thing so lets play smart and bring your own toilet paper and santitzers ! No high five , no contact . Wipe down your seats and make sure you wipe your Hands after every stroke ,, thats 100 wipe downs for some of us .  No hugs allowed ( bruce ) no fist pumps , no body rubs allowed !

this is the am-am tournment so have a good round with your partner and aim low . Try not to hit to many houses out there and keep your real score ! Trophys have run thru the dishwasher for safety reasons . All awards will be touched by my hands only ,, good luck with that ,,, i promise to have clean hands !! 

If you and your partner are dressing up make sure you take pictures and share them with me . I want to post a great story on all social networks to show that Las Vegas mga is the best ! I'm coming as laurel and my partner is hardy !  Gotta have fun ! 


See every body o the course at 7;15 tee time ,, shot gun ! 60 guys and girls !