Chapter News

Las Vegas F.U Open 2019

As players arrived for the 2019 F.U Open at Desert Pines golf course on Sunday everyone could tell there was something electric in the air. Fifty-six competitors decided to test their mediocre skills on the course for the big check and the accompanying bragging rights. This was going to be the largest Las Vegas MGA event that had ever taken place. Even The Dude showed up with his carefree attitude and White Russian in tow. 
We came in our red , white and blue to show off the FU open attitude . We came and we conquered the mga attitude of fun and mediocre golf . The attitude was great, the flask were a flowing and the scents were in the air as we were ready to tee off . We are Las Vegas MGA . We are the second largest chapter and we showed it off at Desert Pines Golf.   DFW MGA ,, you are not first because your larger number ,, were #1 because our larger attitude. 
Maria Rances would move back one box to play the whites and Aniolka Doremus earned the privilege the red key. Competition promptly began at the scheduled 8am start. By hole 4 we noticed on our 18 birdies app that quite a few players were already one and two strokes under. Even Jedd, one of the leagues most mediocre players recorded his first career Eagle.
 On hole 10 group one came across future PGA tour members beginning their rounds for their own tournament. One day when they are playing in their own U.S Open they can recall the short time they got to share the course with the legends of the Las Vegas M.G.A. They then promptly accused us of cheating. We watched a young man hit his ball off the tee into our fairway and proceed to drop another 2 balls and hit them into his own fairway. A few minutes later a volunteer for the US junior golf association asked us if we had hit his ball. The young man was blaming us for his poor play and attempting to cheat. A future member of the LV MGA if I have ever seen one. Call us in 10 years kid. 
By the 18th hole Zack Harman secured Longest Drive and Jimmy Jones had scored himself a closest to the pin award.  For the second tournament in a row Aniolka Doremus earned himself yet another red key. Unfortunately, there are no more tee boxes for her to move forward to from the red boxes unless we build one so he will have to play from them again in the Bratish Open next month. Our most mediocre player of the day was Jeff Matson shooting a smooth 96.  As for our winner, it came down to a closest to the hole putting contest between Ronald Reitz, Peter Seremetis and Josh James. All competitors had unforgivably horrible putts but Josh James took first place by getting his ball within 2 feet of the cup . Congratulations. 
Next month we have the Bratish Open. We hope to set a new attendance record and hopefully not a new heat record. Tell your friends about out (only the ones we can beat) and we look forward to seeing everyone out there in a few weeks.


Event Results

1.Josh James84$1.35
2.Peter Seremetis84$0.83
2.Ronald Reitz84$0.83
4.Eric Lamont86$0.60
4.Christopher Twist86$0.60
4.Jimmy Jones86$0.60
7.Jake Rau87$0.45
8.Terry Bartmus88$0.38
9.Jedd Snaid89$0.30
10.paul wilkins90$0.19
10.Maria Rances90$0.19
12.Eric Callner91$0.07
12.James Sheldonpape91$0.07
12.Dustin Burns91$0.07
15.Bruce Morrill93$0.03
15.Randy Harman93$0.03
15.Brian Eller93$0.03
15.Garth Meacham93$0.03
19.Ray Gallo94$0.00
19.Zack Harman94$0.00
19.Dustin Lowe94$0.00
19.Scott Flanigan94$0.00
23.Rob Melvin95$0.00
23.Ryan Jankowski95$0.00
23.Anthony Foster95$0.00
26.Kevin M Williams96$0.00
26.Jeremy Matson96$0.00
26.Jeff Matson96$0.00
29.Anthony Stotko98$0.00
30.Ron Stoppable99$0.00
30.Jerry Thompson99$0.00
30.Joe Foti99$0.00
33.Robert Vallecillo100$0.00
33.Clint Cartwright100$0.00
35.Robert Kay101$0.00
35.Chip Houcek101$0.00
37.Brian Sweeney102$0.00
37.ROBERT LEWIS102$0.00
39.Michael Stuto104$0.00
39.Bruce Schneider104$0.00
39.Mike Davies104$0.00
42.Marco Farrarons105$0.00
42.Jeremy Linford105$0.00
44.Aaron Cross106$0.00
45.David Twist107$0.00
46.Nigel Trujillo108$0.00
47.Jon Swanson113$0.00
48.Scott Ferguson115$0.00
49.Salvatore Martin118$0.00
50.Thomas Cross119$0.00
51.ciprian petculescu121$0.00
52.Ej Larson122$0.00
53.Michael Phillips123$0.00
54.Rich Young124$0.00
55.Aniolka Doremus145$0.00
56.Jeff Boggs DQ$0.00