Chapter News

Largest OC group ever takes on the Rebel Beach Am-Am

A 7am start time couldn't keep these medios from playing golf and proving its 5 o'clock somewhere to start drinking. Well... one showed up late... and almost won.

Matt Schmidt comes out of nowhere with his personal MGA best score of 82 to win the OC Rebel Beach Am-Am and beat out 39 other medios. Even with his 3 penalty strokes, he won by 2. However, his partner was nowhere to be found and kept Matt from also winning the 2-headed trophies. 

Jonathan Reatiga "over slept" and showed up late, but still tied for 2nd with Tom Alexander shooting 87 and earning 0.68 cents. Sufficed to say, he wasn't popular. 

Coming in 4th place alone was Long Beach chapter transplant Dan LaBonte. He shot a respectably mediocre 91 and earned 0.56 cents. He didn't win the tournament, but he has the best beard I've seen in the MGA. 

In 5th place is James Ryhal, who shot one of his best MGA scores of 92 and cashed 0.50 cents. A 3-way tie for 6th with a score of 93 goes to an intriguing group. Our own Scott Miller, Long Beach chapter transplant Edgar (Bubba) Drake and South OC transplant Paul Zambrano. The Orange County chapter is growing.

In years past, a 94 could win the tournament. Now it gets you 9th place. This honor goes to Greg Valenzuela who takes home 0.25 cents. 

Finally, just making the top 10 is Mike DeSio with a 95 and 0.19 cents and he's one of our better golfers. It's going to be difficult to be top 10 this year.

Closest to the pin goes to the unpopular guy Jonathan Reatiga. Long drive goes to rookie Jim McCoy. They both recieved the new bling in addition to the stickers.


Most Mediocre was awarded to rookie Matt Robinson with a 48/51 split. That was good enough for 22nd place. The meltdown with a staggering 12 strokes goes to Fred Valenzuela. You need a lot of drinks to stomach that.


The fan favorite Red Key was "won" by rookie Terrence Bolton with a whopping 144. He definitely got his money's worth.


The bonus stat of the tournament was longest putt. Mark Gutierrez wins the practice putting mat for conquering the difficult 2 tier green.


It was a beautiful day, the course was in great shape and a shit ton of medios played golf mediocrely. Next stop... The Bastards!

Event Results

1.Matt Schmidt85$1.12
2.Jonathan Reatiga87$0.68
2.Tom Alexander87$0.68
4.Dan LaBonte91$0.56
5.James Ryhal92$0.50
6.Paul Zambrano 93$0.37
6.Scott Miller93$0.37
6.Edgar ( Bubba ) Drake 93$0.37
9.Greg Valenzuela94$0.25
10.Michael DeSio95$0.19
11.Fred Valenzuela 96$0.08
11.scott johnson96$0.08
11.Clint Davis96$0.08
14.Mark Gutierrez97$0.04
14.Jeff Cool97$0.04
16.Jim McCoy 98$0.02
17.Kenny Carlson99$0.00
18.Todd Huber100$0.00
19.frankie flores101$0.00
19.Bobby Barcelona101$0.00
19.James White101$0.00
22.Matt Robinson 104$0.00
23.Ivan Hernandez105$0.00
24.Jamie Adams107$0.00
24.Tommy Zecena107$0.00
26.Eric Schulte108$0.00
27.Charles Day111$0.00
27.Aaron Moreno111$0.00
29.Dino DiCicco113$0.00
29.Will Orr113$0.00
31.Kip Tryon114$0.00
31.Kevin Miller114$0.00
33.Rikin Patel115$0.00
33.Tony Morales115$0.00
35.Joe Goodman119$0.00
36.Moises Velazquez121$0.00
37.Hugo Gonzalez128$0.00
38.Terrence Bolton144$0.00