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KJ Gets Big Check, Mixon/Prier Show Four-heads >Than Two!

On April 10, 2021 the North Dallas MGA kicked off its 4th season with a huge field of 56 medios looking to take home the first big check of the season, as well as the highly breakable AM AM team trophy that was up for grabs.  With high winds, rock hard fairways and greens, it was Kevin Jordan, who finished in the top 10 four times in his last few tournaments, that finally broke through to take his first big check.  Andrew Mixon and Myke Prier took down the hotly contested team trophy with a chip in on 18 to seal the deal.  Other awards included Brian Peck with CTP, James Goetz with LD, Brandon O'Neall scored biggest meltdown with a 43 front and 52 back, Charles Fry took most mediocre, and Jacob Ishmael shot a bistering 136 to take the red key. Finally, a special award for the best dressed team went to Dan Escamilla and David Castillo, who went all out and received a couples massage, worth no value, for their troubles.