Chapter News

Kiehle Breezes to FU Glory in Balt

Noah Kiehle (87) edges out Ian Alexander (90) to take another big check in Baltimore. 

Event Results

1.Noah Kiehle87$1.35
2.Ian Alexander90$0.90
3.Mark Mickley94$0.71
3.Bill Wyatt III94$0.71
5.Mat Coughlin95$0.60
6.Chad Gunning97$0.53
7.Jeff Simmons98$0.41
7.Matt Reaves98$0.41
9.Joshua Wolinsky102$0.30
10.Chris Carroll104$0.23
11.Derek Patro105$0.15
12.Garland Griswold106$0.08
13.Garry Weber109$0.07
14.James Wyatt111$0.05
15.Timothy shannon112$0.04
16.Anthony E. Young116$0.02