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Kevin Williams Wins Playoff Over Nessi And Giosso

HERCULES, CA - After pulling his drive left and into a ditch to open the 3-man playoff, Kevin Williams hit the "Second Shot Heard Round The World" to jump back into contention and ultimately take his second victory on tour with a rock-solid bogey 6.

He then celebrated by tossing his hat higher and further than any hat has been tossed since Arnie himself sent his visor into lunar orbit at the 1960 U.S. Open. Arnie's Army was thrilled that day to see their man win the tourney, just like Williams' fans -Williams' Watchers as they're known- relished the chance to walk with him down the playoff hole.

Giosso was in the strongest position after his two opening shots of the playoff. He was about 100 yards out, but his solid looking 3rd shot surpised everyone by catching the back lip of the bunker guarding the front of the green.

Some fans claim they heard Nessi's caddy speaking in tongues and witnessed his eyes roll back in his head while the ball was headed for the green. The MGA has launched an investigation to ensure no wizard spells were used to affect Giosso's ball mid-flight.

The rest of the field showed solidly mediocre form after a long off-season. We feel pretty certain most people were suprised by how high they finished after posting scores in the mid-90s.

Perhaps most notable was Matt Telles, who won the Meltdown Award after going 41-51. In spite of that massive collapse, he and Dave Armstrong took a dominant victory in the team competition with a team total of 189. That score was good enough for a 4-shot victory over Dan "That guys a lawyer?" Graves and sophomore sensation Robbie O's 193.

The SFMGA is back in action April 24th with the first and most important major of the year, The Bastards. They will be making their Tour debut at Callippe Preserve Golf Course, by all accounts a kinda nice course. We hope they don't regret their decision to host us...

*Dave Armstrong's longtime Am-Am teammate was not available for comment, because he wasn't there.

Event Results

1.Kevin Williams93$1.12
2.Bob G93$0.68
2.Chad Nessi93$0.68
4.David Armstrong94$0.53
4.Robbie O94$0.53
6.Todd Benoit-Benoit 95$0.34
6.Je$$e Marty95$0.34
6.Matt Telles95$0.34
6.Jason Morse95$0.34
10.Jonathan Wolper96$0.19
11.Rob Koth97$0.12
12.Brett Norris99$0.06
12.Dan Graves99$0.06
14.scott sanders101$0.04
15.Chris Jönsson102$0.02
15.Nate Kotila102$0.02
17.Mike Plemons105$0.00
17.Chase Henri 105$0.00 vak105$0.00
20.Rob Brockett106$0.00
20.Matthew Wilson106$0.00
22.Rob Kristie107$0.00
23.Jon Morley108$0.00
24.John Sullivan111$0.00
25.Welder *118$0.00