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Keith Knabs First Major

The year’s second major brought out a robust field of twenty South OC medios to contend for the coveted MGA Championship gold medallion (the best trophy our league has. Yea I said it). Vibes were high and with good reason - a full field, perfect weather, and a now-favorite South OC track Strawberry Farms stood ready to take all the abuse our medios could dish out.

Strawberry withstood the test, and handed back some abuse of its own, as only one medio managed to card a net-sub-90 round. Which is how, after all was said and done, Mr. Keith Beall walked away with the check, the medallion, and his first major championship. With this, his third tour win, Keith has put himself in the South OC driver’s seat by taking the lead of the chapter money list.

Already registered for the upcoming Freedom and Unity Open, Keith will look to put his foot to the floor, even from a tee further than the rest of the field, and extend his chapter money lead in a couple weeks when the South OC heads to Tustin Ranch. Looking at the world rankings lately, a repeat victory is far from out of the question, it’s been happening regularly across the association. At least 15 other medios, as of this writing, will be coming out swinging for a different outcome in the 2024 season’s penultimate major. Fore!

Event Results

1.Keith Beall88$1.35
2.Jon Meer90$0.90
3.Bobby Barcelona91$0.71
3.Quan Ha91$0.71
5.Joseph Mancinelli92$0.56
5.Scott Bruce92$0.56
7.Nick Beard93$0.45
8.Cengiz Tekin94$0.34
8.Paul Zambrano 94$0.34
10.David Puzio96$0.15
10.Ryan Balderian96$0.15
10.Eric Tucker96$0.15
13.Brian Moore98$0.07
14.David Duran99$0.05
15.Chris Jacobson106$0.03
15.Ryan Williams106$0.03
17.Joshua Soliz109$0.00
18.Drew Cox112$0.00
19.Biz Rudolph122$0.00

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