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In a bittersweet turn of events at this year's FU Open, emotions ran high as members gathered to celebrate and bid farewell to Jordan Arcturus. Known for his spirited play and infectious enthusiasm, Jordan has been a cherished member of the Charleston MGA for the last two Years, making his departure a poignant moment for all.

The tournament, held at the scenic Founders Club in Litchfield, unfolded with its usual blend of poor shots and poorer scores. Among the day's notable achievements, David Bennett once again secured the Key to the Red Tees with his best effort, cementing his place in MGA lore as a true mediocre golfer.

Michael Strickland showcased his “precision” on the course, claiming the Closest to the Pin honor, while Jordan Arcturus, in his final appearance, left a lasting impression by clinching the Longest Drive.

The spirit of the MGA was further exemplified through awards such as "Most Mediocre," snagged by Josh Thigpen, and Biggest Meltdown, earned by Mitchell Mulvaney.

However, the climax of the tournament was clouded by controversy. Initially declared the winner, Matt Lee faced allegations of rolling his ball, instead of lift clean and place resulting in his disqualification. Peachy also was disqualified following his play on a par three that he had recorded the wrong score on. These decisions stirred discontent among the group, overshadowing the event's joyful atmosphere. Ultimately, Shawn Jolley emerged as the “rightful” champion, albeit amidst a backdrop of disappointment and dissatisfaction.

As the sun set on The FU Open, cheers and farewells echoed across the greens. While the day's events were marked by laughter, plenty of adult beverages, and memorable performances, the departure of Jordan Arcturus cast a shadow over the festivities. His absence will undoubtedly be felt within the Charleston MGA community, a testament to the bonds forged through the love of the game.

Despite the controversy, The FU Open once again demonstrated the unique blend of the lack of skills and high scores that define the MGA, leaving the group eagerly awaiting the chapters next outing, The Batish Open at Lake Marion Golf Club.

Event Results

1.Shawn Jolley91$1.35
2.Jordan Arcturus93$0.90
3.Kyle Gassert94$0.75
4.Ben Masuga96$0.64
4.Brian White96$0.64
6.Michael Strickland100$0.53
7.Brian Cote102$0.38
7.Tim Price102$0.38
7.Barrett Winter102$0.38
10.Andy Shook103$0.15
10.Chris Richardson103$0.15
10.Joshua Thigpen103$0.15
13.Joshua Masuga105$0.07
14.Jerry Crolley110$0.05
14.Jason U da Man110$0.05
16.Josh Allen113$0.02
16.Simon Holmes113$0.02
16.Rick Atkins 113$0.02
19.Patrick McLellan114$0.00
20.Derek Carr115$0.00
20.Mitchell Mulvaney115$0.00
22.Troy Shepard116$0.00
23.Ethan Barbour 122$0.00
24.David Frazier133$0.00
26.Matthew LeeDNF$0.00
26.Jose AguayoDNF$0.00

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