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JonnyDx3, $$King Lance

This article is long overdue but I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge our last event winner and our season money king. Shoutout to all you who made this another great year, in an effort to keep things fair after I needed to move the Last Gasp date we let a group of Medios hit the course the week early and tally scores. ScottyK, Chuckles Nasty and Moneyball Hart submitted those to me and I kept them under lock and key until the rest of us finished up at Qualchan and started knocking them back in the clubhouse. I did have to give Lance the heads up that he was going to be in the running and he might want to head over for celebrations. Thankfully, he was able to sneak away and meet us for the festivities. 

The only honorable mention I have from the early group is Chuck going for high score and carding a 14 on hole #16, according to official reports he landed 2 balls on the island and another 3 balls in the water. Yikes. Good on ya Charles, that's a medio play if I ever heard of one, and full Tin Cup to boot! In the main Sunday group, we were graced with a b-e-a-utiful afternoon of fall golf on a tricky course that sets you up and tears you down like no other. And just when you think you may be carding a respectable score to take home, you get to 18 - and stare up that gulley to high  perched green thinking, I've never carried my 3 wood straight up in the air 185 carry, but you know what, this just might be the time it works...and let me tell you folks, it never does. If you've learned anything about this hole, you know you play it to the bank in 2, and get a nice lofted club to the front end of that green in an effort to save par. 

And no one knows that strategy better than your champion for today's event Jonathan Hundo's who secures his THIRD that's right, his 3rd Last Gasp Trophy pulling out the hat trick on the skeleton hardware and showing that Qualchan, and we, are his bitches when it comes to the Gasp.


And with our last event of the year underway, I closed one eye and worked the calculator to tally our Chapter money list and see who takes the cake for our money leader, and it would be .......

Lance MothaFuckin Hart!!

I remember like it was yesterday, when sweet little Lance played his first MGA event with us and would go on to become a chapter favorite in record time. So it's only fitting with his stellar season that he would take down this trophy and go down in history as your 2023 Season Money Leader for the SPOMGA. 

Thanks again for another great year! Can't wait to see those of you who signed up for the big dance in Vegas here soon. We've got our eyes on the Chapter Cup for this year, let's make our boys at home proud and see if we can bring home some hardware this year. And who knows, it wasn't that long ago that a skinny, naked Matt Ittner dawned the belt - there's no reason someone from Spokane couldn't bring it back on their wiener this year...

Love y'all, enjoy hibernation, get SpoMga tattoos, take care of your families, get a little fucked up now and then and dream sweet of the next year for Spokane Mediocre Golf Association - 2024 is just ahead. 


Event Results

1.Jon Dresback88$1.12
2.Andrew Benson 91$0.74
3.Lance Hart93$0.62
4.Blake Miller95$0.56
5.Andy Butler97$0.50
6.Brad Parker100$0.43
7.David Ittner102$0.37
8.Zachery Ray103$0.28
8.Boomer Da Legend103$0.28
10.Karl Bowen105$0.16
10.Scott Kaulig105$0.16
12.Embay Lee106$0.06
13.Michael Ittner109$0.06
14.Andy Gardner115$0.04
15.Charlie Peckham117$0.02
15.Trent Lloyd117$0.02
17.Alan Steinolfson120$0.00
18.Patrick Dickinson134$0.00

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