Chapter News

Joe wins Last Gasp and Rich H is the $$ winner for the year.

Joe Castillo wins the Last Gasp by 1 stroke and Rich Hardisty captures the Chapter Money Trophy for 2020.  Congrats to both.

Rich also got the Long Drive. Carlos Blandino got the KP because some chicks stole our marker, so he was the only one on the sheet.  I heard he paid them off.  Jeff Stanton was Most Mediocre, Billy McPhee had the biggest Meltdown.  Carlos got low gross with an 83 and Rich Bundy got the Key to the Red Tee - redeemable next year.

It was a great season despite all the controversy and looking forward to a more "normal" season next year.

Keep playing and practicing,

We will be doing an off season event in December - the Winter MGA Classic.  Weather is a key part of that.  Stay Tuned.

Event Results

1.joseph castillo87$1.12
2.Shad Schafer88$0.68
2.Rich Hardisty88$0.68
4.Carlos B Blandino89$0.56
5.Mark Woodward90$0.50
6.Alex Strocsher91$0.43
7.michael robustelli92$0.34
7.Andy Arnone92$0.34
9.Josh Perry94$0.19
9.Don Sorber94$0.19
9.Jim Stein94$0.19
12.william mcphee96$0.06
12.Jeff Stanton96$0.06
14.Jeremy Huttner97$0.03
14.Devin Fleming97$0.03
14.Richard Wine97$0.03
17.Ken Vaughn99$0.00
18.David Ingraham100$0.00
19.Raymond Pierott104$0.00
19.Daniel Earnshaw104$0.00
21.Richard Bundy108$0.00
23.Mitchell HurtDNF$0.00
23.Richard Rizk DNF$0.00